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Stratford Career Institute Review!

This privately owned correspondence school is an innovative leader in the field of distance education and offers at-home vocational training programs to North American students. The goal of Stratford Career Institute is to implement a diverse range of career-oriented educational programs that help students gain career advancement as well as self improvement. A diverse group of students, with no discrimination whatsoever, are offered state-of-the-art programs with the relevant tools and resources through fully guided independent study. Students are encouraged to take charge of their own educational goals while the college gives them all the support they may need through their impeccably designed career programs.

Based out of Montreal, Canada, the Stratford Career Institute also has on-campus courses in St. Albans, Vermont and Washington, D.C. in the United States. Having been founded in 1991 to provide working adults with the opportunity to gain additional career certification, the college has grown immensely over the years.  Today, it has earned a good name as a provider of quality education and has more than one million enrollments to boast of.

It is important for students to understand that Stratford Career Institute does not award traditional degrees, but it helps them get practical certifications and career training. All their programs are designed for the career-oriented adult who wishes to focus solely on improving career performance, and allow them to gain advanced education. These training programs can be of immense help people looking to change their careers or get to a higher level in their existing careers. Stratford Career Institute is a member of the United States Distance Learning Association and has academic affiliations with several important educational bodies.  It is also a member of the Better Business Bureau.

The beauty of the programs at SCI is that students can fulfill their educational needs from the convenience of their home. Once they enroll in their specific program, all the study material and resources are supplied completely online and deadlines are given to enable students to plan out their study schedule at their pace. The college has a great support system in place not just for academics but also for technical issues since they would be working online. The online platform is designed to efficiently deliver classroom materials, to complete assignments and even to view their results.  Programs offered include English as a Second Language, Floral Design, PC Repair, Accounting, Beauty Care, Child Day Care Management, Pharmacy Assistant, Electrician, Home Inspector and several more that cover the entire alphabetical range from A to Z.

Students enrolled in any of the Stratford Career Institute courses gain excellent opportunities in education and future employment. The courses enable them to compete for various careers in the modern world. Thousands of students have taken up advanced positions in their careers or shifted to different careers with equal ease. The programs are so well-rounded and in-depth, almost as if attending college; that career changes usually happen the minute students are done with their program. In fact, several major companies regard the programs offered at this institution highly and offer employment positions.


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