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Stevens-Henager College Review!

Stevens-Henager College has a mission of providing real-world knowledge and the practical skills necessary for students to start a career in the modern marketplace. Their career training programs are designed efficiently to help students achieve success in finding entry-level, mid-level or senior-level employment in their respective fields. The faculty focuses intensely on students, assisting them in every way possible to face the practical challenges they will face in the future. The degree programs at the college help students gain an in-depth understanding of their field, preparing them to fit well into a rewarding career.

Founded in 1891 in Ogden-West Haven by Professor J.A. Smith, the first name given to the college was Intermountain Business College. The purpose of the college was to concentrate on commercial subjects that enable graduates to get into business positions.  Over the next 68 years, the college achieved great fame under different names: the Smithsonian Business College; the Moench University of Business; and the Ogden-West Business College.  The present name of Stevens-Henager College was given in 1959.  Ogden-West Haven is where the main campus is and other branch campuses have been established in Provo, Salk Lake City and Logan in Utah as well as in Boise, Idaho.  The name of Stevens-Henager College rings high as an educational institution of high standards.

All the college’s majors are specifically designed to meet the demands and trends of today’s medical and business employment markets. Their programs in Medical Education and Business are well-known and these are the two areas the school specialized in ever since it began.  They also have programs in Information Technology and Graphic Arts. When on the verge of completing their graduation, students have the excellent opportunity to take advantage of the highly effective job placement assistance programs, where help is given right from the creation of a resume to the interview presentation. It’s easy for students from Stevens-Henager College to gain entry into any profession of their choice. The business, medical and technical communities give preference to graduates from Stevens-Henager College, for their outstanding professionalism and the superior training they receive at college.

Online programs at Stevens-Henager College are available throughout the year, and students can join at any time to pursue their higher education from an established and well-known university. Most programs offered through online instruction are accelerated and allow students to complete their degrees much earlier than they would if attending campus. But the quality of the programs is not compromised and students get into either the Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees offered in Nursing, Graphic Arts, Computer Science, Surgical Technology and many more.

The convenient manner in which Stevens-Henager College offers its career educational programs, help students get in at any time, instead of having to wait for a new semester to start, the way it happens at a traditional college. Thousands of students benefit from the monthly starts and with the choice between on-campus and hybrid programs, as well as online. Students thrive with the exceptional guidance they receive at every step during their graduation. This one is known to be a college like no other.


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