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Sterling College Review!

The goal of Sterling University is to offer the finest Christian-centered, development-focused, liberal arts experience in an environment of academic excitement. It nurtures students in a way that they experience Christian faith permeating in all aspects of College life.  The curriculum and activities are designed to enable students develop the required skill for their professional and personal challenges.  Students are trained to improve on their creativity, critical thinking and communication skills, as well as leadership qualities for use in the workplace and in all other spheres of life.  The thirst for life-long learning is inculcated in students by the faculty who make all the programs highly interesting.

This college opened as the Cooper Memorial College in 1887, and the college was named in honor of a Presbyterian denomination leader, the founder of the college. Initially, four majors and high school courses were offered to students who couldn’t attend an education institution in their home communities.  The college was renamed as Sterling College in 1920, but the original curriculum continued to be the main focus of the college.  Not many colleges can boast of retaining their original focus while keeping the courses and teaching techniques continually updated.  The main campus of the college is in Sterling, Kansas.

Sterling strives for academic excellence and is one of the only schools that offer a partner program with the Habitat for Humanity International. Students get several volunteer opportunities and the ability to win fellowships through this organization, as well as the opportunity to complete a degree in Social Entrepreneurship.  The best part is that they stand a chance of working with this organization once they graduate.  The School of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers programs like History, Biology, Chemistry, Art & Design, Psychology, Music and others; the School of Professional Studies offers programs in Music Education, Sports Management, Business Administration and more; the School of Secondary Education Licensure offers Mathematics, Music, Exercise Science, and Chemistry etc. You will find a whole list of courses on their website.

For students who cannot attend classes on campus, the college offers a great online program called eSterling. Through this, students get the same Christian-centered education that those attending school get. Students will work closely with the faculty, interact with other students and get help with their learning and coursework from advisors. There is a vast online library where all sorts of research material pertaining to the course are stored. Many Christian oriented programs can be taken online, such as Christian Ministries, Religion and Philosophy, Theology and Ministry. Other courses include Mathematics, History, Professional Studies and Elementary Education.

Studying in a college that places emphasis not just on the general education core or a specialization but also in the preparation of students for a career by building a breadth and depth of understanding, makes a lot of difference. It offers the chance for students to grow at all levels and experience a great academic education. A unifying community experience leads to immense faith in everything students do.


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