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South University Online Review!

The reputation of South University Online precedes them as the best educators, with a history of helping thousands of inquisitive and bright students reach their full academic potential. The college offers a high level of personalized attention to students from different parts of the world. Students of this university don’t just receive excellent academicals; they become a part of an extended family of high-level faculty and support staff committed to their future success.  The school’s programs are designed in such a way that they offer an impressive flexibility.  Students are given everything they will ever need, including access to all of the university’s resources, in order to achieve their goals.

Founded in 1899 as the Draughon’s Practical Business College, by Dr. John Draughon in Masonic Lodge, the university underwent a couple of name changes before it was finally named South University in 2001. Over the years, it has also been moved to its current location in downtown Savannah, Georgia.  There are several other campuses in Florida, West Palm Beach, Montgomery, Novi, Richmond, Tampa, Virginia Beach and Columbia.

South University helps students achieve their goals of getting degrees in various areas of their interest.  It has created innovative learning programs in Business Administration, Healthcare Management, Criminal Justice or Nursing and Information Technology.  Whatever the goal of the student, the university helps them get there without fail. The Bachelor’s degrees that are made available online can be pursued why students handle their busy personal and professional schedules. The small class sizes offer individual attention from qualified instructors who take pride in the achievements of their students.  The faculty and staff are always accessible and all students are assigned a team of support professionals to guide them at every step of the way during the course of their graduation.

All the university’s online programs are specifically designed with working students and professionals in mind.  The online curriculum is the same as the one followed on-campus. The study material students are given access to, the high quality of instruction and the degrees they will eventually earn – are the same as students going for day-classes at the university are given.  In its effort to make online classes similar in environment as the physical classrooms, the university uses advanced technology to create more than one classroom, with students benefiting from access to the best tutoring, a vast student community, efficient career services and helpful counseling. All this comes with the most enjoyable facility of attending classes at any time of the day or night through the internet.

At South University Online, students gain a wonderful and enlightening online education and experience with the same rigorous academic instruction as on the campus. While their learning is made flexible, they still have deadlines to meet, ensuring they stick to the schedules. Completing a course with the South University entitles students to gain a formal degree from the university. The online programs are known to fully prepare students for careers in their chosen fields. The alumni of the university are seen in the best of positions and are much sought after.


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