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Savannah College of Art and Design Review!

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a non-profit institution for creative careers. The mission of the college is to nurture talent and creativity, preparing such students for professional careers in their fields through individual attention. SCAD has redefined art and design education through superior quality instruction and innovation in all areas. Access to leading-edge technology, talented faculty and advanced learning resources, give students an opportunity to fulfill their professional goals and be recognized as leaders in the creative fields they choose.

The college was founded in the year 1978 by Paula S. Wallace, May L. Poetter, Richard G. Rowan, and Paul E. Poetter.  Their goal was to bring to table college degree programs that southeast Georgia does not have.  They wanted to build a specialized professional art college to cater to students not just around the United States but other countries as well.  The curriculum was designed to meet the goals of offering top-quality arts education with career preparation for students. SCAD was incorporated in 1978 in the state of Georgia.  The main campus is still in Savannah, and the college has also teamed up with Atlanta College of Art and opened a new campus in Atlanta. It now operates in several locations.

The college today awards several undergraduate and Graduate Certificates. They have many Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  The Bachelor’s degrees are conferred in Arts, Fine Arts, Architecture and the Master’s degrees in Architecture, Arts, Arts in Teaching, Fine Arts, and Urban Design. Students can also work on a Professional M.Arch degree which has received full accreditation from the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission has fully approved the Master of Arts in Teaching degrees of the university. SCAD is licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Class sizes are small giving students an opportunity receive personal attention from distinguished faculty.  With students coming in from 100 countries and 50 states, there is a diverse student body at SCAD.  The college promotes art and design in their local community through a variety of events, fashion shows and art festivals.

Several online programs are offered through their e-campus platform, where students can pursue certification courses, undergraduate and graduate programs in the most flexible manner possible.  These online programs are conducted by the same faculty as the one that teaches on-campus and students will have the opportunity to interact with their professors and fellow students. This helps them do their projects and assignments in an interactive environment, as if they were in a physical classroom on campus.  SCAD’s online programs won many awards. The most sought after online program at SCAD is Historic Preservation.

Being a student-centered institution, students of Savannah College of Art and Design undergo a life-changing experience and exceptional education. The quality and excellence they receive during their time at this college, creates a respectful and honest desire to improve in all aspects of life.  Their result-oriented courses create the much-needed “can-do” attitude in students, preparing them to go that “extra mile” in their careers.


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