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Saint Leo University Review!

Saint Leo University is a traditional Catholic liberal-arts based institution committed to the educational pursuit of teaching students to read deeply, write clearly and think critically.  The university is entrepreneurial and designs its curriculum in such a way that it uses the latest teaching technologies. Understanding the society’s need for well-rounded professionals, the college has rigorous academic programs. Students of all faiths and traditions are welcomed into the institution, offering a wonderful learning community that helps students in several ways.

The university was founded in 1889, when the Order of Saint Benedict of Florida was authorized by the Florida legislature to “”have and possess the right and power of conferring the usual academic and other degrees granted by any college in this State.” Saint Leo University is named after Leo Haid, the founder and the first president of the college.  It opened its doors in 1890 as the first Catholic college in Florida, and the enrollment then was 32 students.  In those early days, the college went through a military phase too, where uniforms were worn and daily drills were performed.  It was in 1994 that the college started offering MBA degrees. Apart from its main campus, the college has spread to different community colleges located all over the seven states and on military bases too.

Today, the university offers 41 academic degree and certificate programs through the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, School of Education and Social Services. Associate programs are offered in Business Administration, Criminal Justice and Liberal Arts.  There are several other University programs, such as the Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies. The courses include some of the most sought after majors found anywhere. The average class size is 18 and more than 15,000 students in all the campuses and through the Online Learning program, are taught by well-qualified and professors with high levels of expertise. The Nicaraguan president graduated from this university.

The university’s distance learning program is much sought after and introduces innovative classrooms, where both video and audio lectures are provided, apart from the regular course material.  Students can either complete their courses completely online or do their education part-time at the campus.  Through the use of discussion boards, students engage in interactive sessions with their faculty and other students. Currently, the university offers several Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees online, in various fields, such as Business Administration, Health Care Management and Criminology.

Rooted in thousands of years old Benedictine tradition, students at the University learn to balance growth of their body, mind and spirit. They thrive in the student-centered environment, where they experience the love the learning.  They are also taught values that help them become God-fearing and well-rounded individuals dedicated to human service and excel in academics.  They prove to be an asset to any organization they serve in their professional lives. Saint Leo University molds the mind set in such a way that the only way out for the students is to find success in whatever they do.


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