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Regent University Review!

What sets Regent University apart is their mission to prepare students in mind and in spirit. With a motto, “Christian leadership to change the world,” it is one of the nation’s leading academic institutions for Christian thought, and offers several graduate and undergraduate programs for students from around the world.  They believe in maintaining rigorous academic programs with high standards, to ensure students learn to live up to the challenges in their future pursuits. The faculty imbibes in students the will to follow Biblical principals and make a difference in the world.

Founded in 1977, by Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, in Virginia Beach, Va., as CBN University, it proved to be an inspiration to what great vision backed by excellence and innovation can accomplish. It was founded for the specific purpose of preparing Christians who would succeed in their professions and also impact the world effectively. In 1978, there were just 70 students earning their degrees in communication, and today thousands of students carry on the tradition. While the original campus is the main one, the school also has a satellite campus in Alexandria, Virginia.

Regent University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees at the main campus, to more than 5,500 students. With 179 full-time and more than 400 adjunct faculty, students stand to gain from the personalized instruction they receive.  More than 30 fully accredited programs are offered through the School of Undergraduate Studies and the seven graduate schools offering Master’s and Doctoral programs: School of Communication & The Arts, School of Education, School of Divinity, Robertson School of Government, School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, School of Psychology & Counseling and School of Law.  The faculty consists of highly educated and experienced scholars, speakers and authors.  Regent is known for its exceptional student teams that win national competitions in various fields of study.

Students can now obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees without making any sacrifices in their busy lives. Those looking for nontraditional education are provided a highly convenient and exceptional quality education.  The online courses include Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication, Journalism, Digital Media, Theatre, Biblical studies, Christian School Program, Business Administration and many more. The asynchronous programs allow students to simply log in and study at their convenience. But the curriculum itself is rigorous and integrated with a Christian perspective; similar to the one on campus. Hundreds of resources in the online library aid students immensely.  With great support from the faculty and the IT department, and the use of the latest Blackboard version; online students can submit assignments, interact with their professors and other students. This interactive and supportive environment leads to the best learning possible.  Regent University stands the distinction of being ranked second for the best online schools in the nation.

Studying at Regent University is an experience by itself.  It prepares students for new opportunities and professional success. By the time they complete their graduation at the university, students would have learned to balance their priorities, and have a clear vision of their future and a sense of purpose.


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