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Quinnipiac University Review!

For Quinnipiac University, students are their first, second and third priorities. Students have it all laid out for them in the easiest manner possible. The university’s mission is to provide innovative and collaborative teaching that is so important for students.  This is a place where professors know the students by name and where students gain personal and challenging education from expert faculty that generously share their knowledge.  Career-advancing internships and critical thinking skills mould students in a way that they meet their full potential in their professional careers.

Founded in 1929 by Samuel W, Tator, as the Connecticut College of Commerce, the name was changed in 1951 to Quinnipiac University, as a mark of honor to a local Native American Tribe. The Mount Carmel Campus with its beautiful architecture of brick buildings and sweeping lawns, is located in Hamden, Connecticut. It is at this campus that the academic buildings, University offices, residence halls and athletic fields are situated.  The York Hill Campus close by houses the newest residence halls, student center and sports center. The North Haven Campus is where the Health Sciences building exists and work is still going on. The school has consistently been ranked by the U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review, as among the best for undergraduate and master’s degrees. Kiplinger has added Quinnipiac to its list of “Best Values in Private Colleges.”

Quinnipiac offers 52 undergraduate and 20 graduate programs in Business, Sciences, Communications, Health Sciences, and Sciences, along with hundreds of other courses. You will find everything from African History and Culture to Entrepreneurial Finance. Students get all the advice and help in choosing their courses and majors. Looking for a dual-degree program? They offer them too. Students also have the option to design their own major with the help of the faculty. The classes are small and students are often involved by faculty members in their research, building experience and skills. The Journalism and communications courses at Quinnipiac are much sought after, as two radio stations, a television station and a student-run newspaper allow students to get hands-on skills during their time there.  The university has a very lively academic community with 5,900 undergraduate students, 2,000 graduate students and 550 students in the School of Law.

For students who cannot make it to campus locations, there are several online programs. Along with the course material used to teach online students, they also find the numerous online presentations and student discussion forums highly educational. The assignments can be completed at the students’ convenience but deadlines have to be met. Some of the many online programs are, certifications are Math Education, Sexual Assault Forensic Examination and Professional Studies.

The entire educational system transforms to a wonderful student-molding platform in the hands of Quinnipiac University. Technological advances offer students amazing hands-on experiences to the extent that students even simulate stock buying and selling. With community spirit woven into the fabric of the university, students gain immensely in the rich environment among diverse student population.  All those who have completed graduation at this university say that it offers immeasurable value in all forms of education.


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