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Pinnacle Career Institute Review!

Quality career training takes on a new meaning at Pinnacle Career Institute. The school’s legacy of offering students’ dream careers on a platter after they graduate, is what makes it stand out from the rest.  The unparalleled commitment to student success for over 50 years; has helped thousands of students find the right direction in their careers.  The curriculum has been designed for students who are job and career oriented. Instructors who are regarded highly for the real-world experience they bring to the classroom, ensure their students are not restricted to just lectures and theory, but also have a chance to apply what they learn firsthand.  It is this that instills an immense amount of confidence in students as they prepare for technical and technology related careers.

Founded in 1953 as the Electronics Institute, a technical college in Missouri, the school has a long history. It was purchased by Jeffrey Freeman and Scott Freeman in 1992, and many new programs were added.  The name was changed to the current one in 2002, to reflect the diverse educational programs. The school has also expanded over the years, with new campuses coming up in the Kansas City area. Now the school has a branch campus in North Kansas City, which was opened in 2008. Another campus is in Lawrence, Kansas.

All the programs offered at PCI comprise of courses that meet the specific needs of the medical, trades & technical, health & fitness, business and alternative energy communities. Programs are available in everything from Massage Therapy to Business Administration.  The faculty is selected based on their academic qualifications, professional backgrounds as well as experience. All of them have achieved excellence in their specific fields. These benefits are brought to the students through small class sizes, with a maximum of only 20 students for labs and 30 for lectures.  All the branches have been duly accredited from relevant authorities for conducting the programs on their list.

The school’s distance learning program was introduced in 2005 and it has become so popular that there is always a never-ending list of students wishing to get into one of their programs.  All the online programs are developed in such a way that they lead to direct entry-level employment. The career fields for online students include Trades & Technical, Alternative Energy, Wind Turbine Technician, Business, Health & Fitness, Human Resources, Medical, Health Information Technology, Personal Trainer, Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Assistant, and Information Technology.  Certification programs in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding and Personal Training are available. Lessons are delivered through a Web-based platform that offers the benefit of chatting with other students and the faculty, being active in community forums, and gain access to lessons and all other study material at any time.

Being a PCI graduate is a matter of pride, and the reason why the number is ever growing. The student-centered focus prepares them to do their best in the field of their choice. The agility of the institute in responding to the changing needs of the students, the work place, and the community, allows for ongoing assessment and improvement.  The rewards of enrolling are many.  PCI makes students’ career dreams a reality!


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