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Philadelphia University Review!

Philadelphia University’s motto is “Power to Do,” which indicates their goal of empowering students with the knowledge and the capability to do what it takes, for future growth. They focus on providing students the best possible resources that enable them to pursue high-profile careers after they graduate. All programs at the university are targeted toward giving strong liberal arts foundation. The curriculum is designed in a way that it brings out the leadership and professional skills in students. The environment of the university campus helps personal, intellectual, and professional discovery.

This university with a 125-year-old history; was founded in 1884 as the Philadelphia Textile School, intended to educate American textile managers and workers. Over the years, the university has grown exponentially, encompassing many practical and theoretical fields of study.  With two campuses, one in Philadelphia and the second one in Bucks County, the school currently has six schools. The university’s signature learning is what makes them the model for professional education in the 21st century. The school resides on a 100 acre campus that includes a vast student center, as well as an Athletic, Recreation and Convocation Center.

Philadelphia University propels you toward some of the most exciting professions of today; through moiré than 50 areas of study in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.  The six schools are: Schools of Business Administration, Design and Media, Science and Health, Architecture, and Engineering and Textiles. The faculty is highly experienced and works toward instilling energy and intellectual curiosity in students that will stand them in good stead in their future pursuits. This is made possible through one-on-one interaction and small class sizes with a ratio of 12:1.  With 20 laboratories and studios, there is no dearth of hands-on experience in the fields of engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, industrial design and many more. The placement rate for students in jobs at a higher level has been maintained above 90 percent, meaning most students find jobs within a few months of graduating from this university. It has received full accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

This college has been offering distance learning for many years. It is a great option for working professionals, who seek to keep up in today’s continually changing information-driven world. Their online degrees are offered at the Master’s level in fields like Management, Midwifery and Disaster Medicine. The recently added MBA Foundation courses offered online are designed to respond to working professionals, with concentration in today’s hottest fields. Students can access all the courses online and the starting and ending dates coincide with those of traditional classes.  Exams can only be accessed once and that too during the “periods” set by the faculty members teaching the course.  Live chat rooms help with interaction with faculty, encouraging frequent contact with their mentors.

Philadelphia University helps students thrive in a variety of challenging environments and form supportive relationships in an academically rigorous setting, focused on personal and intellectual growth.  The beauty of this university lies in its free exchange of ideas allowing students to come out of college as fully rounded individuals.


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