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Penn Foster Career School Review!

Penn Foster Career School believes that providing adult students up-to-date career skills is the only way to empower them and prepare them for the highly competitive job market of today and the future.  The school continually monitors advances in the field and updates their programs to reflect only the most modern methods in use globally. Students are provided the best courseware, high applicable technology and several other services aimed to fulfill the needs of the adult learner. The programs are designed to teach the marketplace skills of today, while preparing them for a wide range of vocational jobs.  The school’s mission is supported by their policy, where the only thing considered is the students’ prior education, without any regard to religion, gender, age, origin or even physical disability. Another major attraction is the low fee, as everything from the books to all learning aids is included in the tuition.

This is a unique university with NO CAMPUS! Penn Foster is the brainchild of Thomas J. Foster, a newspaperman, who recognized the need for working adults to have a more convenient way of learning advanced skills. He introduced the distance-learning system in 1890, with the intention of helping anthracite coal miners’ advance to the levels of superintendents and foremen. This was a boon for the miners who worked 12-hour shifts, as they could study by candlelight and gain the engineering knowledge required for promotions. This was just what the country needed and the school was a resounding success.  The enrollment crossed a quarter million in the first decade itself, and today the number is around 13,000,000. Penn Foster has maintained high levels of academic excellence throughout and earned the distinction of being the world leader in “online” education. Penn Foster has met with the high standards set by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

Students at Penn Foster have a lot to feel happy about. The school has a career placement program in place that makes sure students find employment in positions of their choice, as soon as they graduate. It offers Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Criminal Justice; Undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Business Management, Human Resources, Graphic Design and General Studies; and many Associate’s degrees are available for students.  Some of them are Accounting, Business Management, Civil Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Computer Information Systems.

Online learning cannot get any easier or better than at Penn Foster. Students receive all the course materials through mail or the online educational platform, without having to step out of their homes. The study timings are very flexible, allowing students to study, complete assignments or listen to lectures at their convenience.  The school provides a lot of support from academic advisors as well as technical support.

The millions of successful students are proof of the efficacy of Penn Foster. All its courses are perfectly designed to cater to busy adults.  With help just a message or a toll-free call away; students at this school have the best instruction possible. This is perfect for people who wish to start working toward a new business or career. Penn Foster helps fulfill their dreams and step toward a brighter tomorrow.


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