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Ohio Christian University Review!

Ohio Christian University is as the name suggests, a Christ-centered institution that is committed to offering an all round education that inspires students to develop professionally, intellectually and spiritually. The university equips students to become leaders not just in their careers, but also in their communities, families and in all aspects of their lives outside the campus. They are also taught to effectively serve in the church through holistic and biblically integrated education. The college has designed an effective student-focused curriculum that fosters creative and critical thinking, professional competence and academic excellence. OCU’s goal is the inculcation of knowledge and wisdom in their students.

This university was founded in 1948 as Mount Praise Bible College, which focused solely on training ministers for a religious group called Churches of Christ in Christian Union.  The name was later changed to Circleville Bible College and in 2006; the college got its current name of “Ohio Christian University,” and received regional accreditation.  The university is located near Circleville, Ohio, on a rural campus.

OCU offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees, as well as a Master’s degree in professional fields of study. Students have a wide range of Christian-centered programs to choose from. Courses in Ministry and other religious centered business programs are offered.  Their undergraduate departments include, Disaster Management, Business, Interdisciplinary Studies, Ministry/Religion, Psychology & Counseling, Music, and Teacher Education.  These undergraduate programs are available at the campus in Circleville, Ohio.  Another program that students can take advantage of at several campuses as well as through online study, is The AIM Adult Degree Program. The experienced faculty at the university dedicates their lives to Christ and is committed to their students. The university has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

There is also a distance learning program in place that has been hugely successful with its offerings. Associate’s level programs in Christian Ministry and Business Management are offered online. OCU’s online programs echo the sense of community. As soon as students join the distance learning programs, they are segregated into groups.  The college calls them “cohorts.”  This is an innovative feature that gives students the feel of college life, bringing interest and excitement to their online education, which otherwise can get monotonous. The groups once formed will remain and work together for the duration of the entire program.  This gives students a chance to get to know each other, discuss in a group, and work on their course assignments together. The courses offered are no different from the traditional courses in terms of quality.

The university integrates learning and faith in a scholarly environment, and their emphasis on the students’ spiritual aspect, transforms them into God fearing individuals. OCU believes that true learning is a balance between the cognitive discipline of learning and a growing relationship with Christ. The college makes sure that their students’ mind and study skills reach their full potential while at the college, thus ensuring they are prepared for success in their careers and life.


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