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Nova Southeastern University Review!

NSU, as an institute of higher learning, strives to be a valuable contributor to the community. It has remained steadfast in its goal of quality educational programs that prepare students for handling the emerging challenges of leadership positions come with. While imparting career-specific technical knowledge and relevant skills to students, the university works on instilling the qualities of dedication to service, compassion and commitment to community. The intimate class sizes that provide incredible personal attention each and every student help students explore limitless career paths.

The future of education officially began in 1964.  That is the year this university was founded, as the Nova University of Advanced Technology, as a state-chartered graduate institution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  From just a handful of students but with revolutionary ideas, the college grew to become the “Nova Southeastern University.”  Today, NSU has more than 28,000 students studying at its sprawling Fort Lauderdale-Davie campus spreading over 300 acres.  It is recognized as the seventh largest, non-profit institution.  It also has a presence in nine different countries, including the UK, Mexico, Greece, Bahamas and Korea.

The university’s reputation comes mainly from their graduate and professional programs. It confers Master’s and Doctoral degrees in a wide range of fields, including Education, Law, Business, Computer Science, Psychology, and Oceanography. It also has colleges of Optometry, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Dental Medicine, and Allied Health. One specialty program that NSU offers is a doctoral degree program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. This is unique to this college and not found at most others.  In fact, other than NSU, there is just one other college offering this program in the United States.  The graduate facilities at this college are ranked as some of the finest in the world.  Many graduate programs also have weekend and night classes on all their campuses. The faculty consists of experienced professors who are engaged in their respective fields outside the campus. This ensures students get the benefit of gaining invaluable real-world knowledge.

It was in 1972 that NSU introduced their first distance learning programs. It did not take time for the university to become recognized for its innovative online programs. Students have the option to choose from courses that are completely online and others that require a few on-campus classes in a month. Qualified faculty work with online students in fields like Education, Nursing and Optometry.  The online library and other resources like computer software are all available for online students, to make their online study easy and convenient.

NSU, known in the education circles as the academic innovator, had all their dreams come true. It not just teaches students but also ensures there is any number of options available for them, to make their learning experience most comfortable. The university has a “Dual Admission Program” where qualified students can reserve a seat in one of the university’s graduate schools even when they are still doing their undergraduate degrees.  A highly thoughtful, intensely engaging and personalized learning environment is what makes Nova Southeastern University the brightest star on the horizon of education.


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