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Norwich University Review!

Norwich University, a military college, is committed to its goal of creating learned men and women with the leadership traits of discipline, confidence, critical thinking, integrity, honor and loyalty. The university achieves this through opening up a wide array of opportunities to students that will empower them in more ways than one. The core of the university is the rigorous academic component, which is a combination of interactive classes, mentoring with the dedicated faculty and hands-on learning. As a military-focused school, it ensures students thrive in a highly charged environment where they are challenged every step of the way.

The university came into existence in 1819 in Norwich, and was founded by Captain Alden B. Partridge, a military educator and former superintendent of West Point.  He was a staunch believer of the “American System of Education,” which includes liberal arts in combination with military science and civil engineering curriculum. Today, the school has its location in Northfield, Vermont and the student population is a combination of both civilians and Corps of Cadets.  The U.S. Department of Defense recognizes the university as the founding place of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

The university offers several degree programs through its schools of Architecture & Art, Humanities, Engineering, Business & Management, Mathematics & Sciences, Social Sciences, and National Sciences.  The National Sciences School caters to students in the Corps of Cadets and their need for the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) courses.  With about 2,000 undergraduate students and more than a hundred faculty along with adjunct professors, the student and faculty ratio is really good at 14:1.  While the on-campus degree programs are much talked about nation wide, the university also has a distance learning program in place with online programs that are well recognized around the world.

The cutting-edge online degree programs offered by the university allow students to get educated at a high-profile and reputed institution, in spite of not being able to enter a traditional college setting. Online degrees, which are exactly the same as the traditional degrees, are offered in majors like Education, Justice Administration, Engineering and others. The extensive resources offered to online students include in-depth course material, research staff that assist students with their projects, tech support, highly educated and experienced faculty, a library and access to interaction with the faculty and peers.

With about 4,000 colleges in the USA for students to choose from, there are many reasons why Norwich University is considered unique.  For one thing, the university has achieved a lot over the years. It has the distinction of being the innovator in American Education. The education system that transformed thousands of students, started at this university, which in itself is a great accomplishment.  Students are not just educated, but they are prepared to become leaders in government, military and in business.  The university literally takes the students when they first enter the college and leads them on their path of huge success.


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