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Northwestern University Review!

Northwestern University provides education that transcends traditional academic boundaries. It combines innovation in teaching with research in an environment that is highly collaborative, providing students and the faculty, the opportunity to grow at the intellectual, professional, and personal levels.  This whole experience is only enhanced by the beautiful setting that Chicago, with its rich history provides.  The diverse group of students at the university work together as a large community within the campus.

Founded in 1851, by a group of Methodists from Chicago, the Northwestern University started as an educational institution to serve the states of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and southern Minnesota.  The university that started its first ever class with just two faculty members and 10 students, now has three campuses, 2,500 faculty members and several thousands of students. Two campuses are on Lake Michigan: a campus in Evanston spread over 250 acres, and a campus in Chicago on 25 acres. The third campus is in Doha, Qatar.  These campuses also include a Medical School and a School of Law. The university’s academic record has been outstanding. Many of their programs are often ranked as being in the top best. The U.S. News & World Report ranked it as the 14th best university in the United States.

The college offers several undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs. Some of its degree programs like Engineering, Business, Journalism, Education, Communication and Medicine are well-known and considered to be the best. There are also certain Non-degree Special Students (NDSS) programs that are designed for well-qualified students who are interested in taking up a few day-school courses.  Although this does not constitute as admission to any of Northwestern’s degree programs, the NDSS students are granted academic credit that may be transferred to other institutions.

Northwestern University is the natural choice for students from around the world, who wish to receive a superior education online at a nationally recognized research institution.  While all the courses offered on-campus are not offered to online students, the quality of education is not compromised.  Through The School of Continuing Studies, students gain access to their course materials and lectures.  They can interact with the faculty and their peers. They have the flexibility to work as per their convenience, but deadlines have to be met. The Master of Science in Medical Informatics is an interdisciplinary professional program that is offered online, for students with information technology background as well as health professionals who are clinically trained. This prestigious degree is the same as on-campus students get.

This university is deeply committed to diversity of students, faculty, race, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, economic condition and religion.  It strongly believes that a diverse community is needed to achieve their mission of creating a beautiful learning experience in the best possible environment.  It is this thinking against the exceptional academic component provided by the university that helps students broaden their understanding of the world, preparing them for global interaction in this ever-changing professional scenario. This overall results in the students learning to be good human beings, which is what matters, both personally and professionally.


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