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Northern Kentucky University Review!

Northern Kentucky University is a place that offers students an energetic, safe and comfortable learning environment – a place where students are molded into responsible citizens who will reshape the future, not only the global professional arena but also the communities they live in.  The aim of the university is to provide a high level of private school education, but at a faction of the cost. Recognized as one of the fastest growing universities in Kentucky, the professors here know all their students by their names. Students enjoy the immense benefit of individual attention from the highly experienced faculty, as they are prepared in the best possible manner to enter the workforce after they graduate.

NKU was founded in 1968, and on the first christening, was given the name of “Northern Kentucky State College,” and it was part of the University of Kentucky.  The school became an independent institution in 1976, and ever since then granted thousands of NKU degrees to students from around the world.  With the main campus located near the Ohio border in Highland Heights, Kentucky; there are other campuses in Williamstown and Covington in Kentucky, that cater to the ever growing demand for education at this university.

The university offers the best possible academic experience through its 70 bachelor’s degrees, 20 graduate programs, 6 associate degrees, one Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, one Juris Doctor, along with more than 30 graduate certificates.  Students have a wide range of options to choose from.  The Bachelor’s Degree Majors include Accountancy, Athletic Training, Biological Sciences, Business Marketing, Chemistry, Economics, Exercise Science, Finance, Human Resource Management, History, Journalism and many more.   Among others, they offer Associate Degrees in Respiratory Care and Radiology Technology.  Frankly, the list of courses offered is endless. Lively classroom interactions are made possible with the very small class sizes, taught by well-qualified faculty.  The university has one of the most modern campuses with a technologically advanced science center. There have been several distinguished speakers that visited the university.  Some of the most recent speakers include, President George Bush; Politician Bob Dole; and journalist Bob Woodward.

Plenty of online courses are offered to students from different parts of the world. These courses are so well-designed that they compete with the on-campus courses.  The coursework online is accessed by students through the Blackboard educational platform.  This makes it easier for them to access and deliver assignments, listen to lectures, and be part of the discussions with their peers and faculty.  Many Bachelor’s, Master’s and Professional Certification courses are offered for online students; such as Health Science, Instructional Leadership and Education.

The university is providing students much more than just classroom education. Through its ties with a number of local businesses, students can actually get a feel of the world they will eventually step into after they graduate. This leaves students with self-belief and confidence in their ability to achieve their goals. Every student that graduates from this university comes out a winner and helps others win too.  Students at the Northern Kentucky University don’t just improve themselves – they improve the world.


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