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Nichols College Review!

Nichols College focuses completely on giving students a career-oriented practical education that involves arming them with the required skill-set, competencies and resources in a field of their choice. Programs are designed to bring out the full potential of each student, with a commitment to personal attention by expert faculty with exceptional credentials. This kind of hands-on experience readies students in every possible way, to handle their careers appropriately.

The college, which is nearing its 200th anniversary, has an interesting history. It was started in 1815, and was first christened “Nichols Academy,” by Amasa Nichols, a wealthy industrialist in Dudley. But it was closed for a variety of reasons in 1909 and reopened by President Conrad, who had to close it again when he was called into service. After some more shaky history, it was renamed “Nichols College” and stabilized after 1946.  Women were also allowed to join the college. With each passing year, the college went on to earn further recognition. Today, it stands as one of the best colleges and offers a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Dudley and around the country through the distance learning program.

Students can choose from a variety of majors, but the majority of Nichols’ programs revolve around business studies.  The college is famous nationwide as a business school, and has a very impressive success rate on all its programs. Some of the business programs include, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and Associate in Business Administration. There is plenty to choose from under these categories. It is known to exceed the criteria needed as far as institutional quality is concerned.  Nichols is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  Reports reveal that one in ten Nichols’ graduates become a CEO of a company.

Most of the business programs offered on campus are also available for students joining the distance learning program at Nichols College.  Both Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs in fields like Business Administration, General Business and Accounting and Criminal Justice Management are offered online. All online programs are geared towards providing a great opportunity for students to complete their degrees, at their own pace, while fulfilling their personal or official responsibilities.  Keeping in mind that most students don’t really like working on their study material alone, they are even given the option of attending the college physically during the weekends or in the evenings. Online students have access to well-qualified faculty and support staff, along with the well-structured course materials and other resources.

Nichols is known to transform students into highly successful individuals ready to take on challenges and responsibility, while fulfilling their elevated roles in the current professional scenario.  This transformation happens in a warm and satisfying environment that fosters growth. Everything from the college atmosphere, to the design of the courses, to the commitment of the faculty at Nichols College; work in conjunction to make their students’ dreams come true.


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