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New England University Review!

At the New England College, an important focus of education is the task of preparing students to be leaders, through cultivating public leadership skills that will help them lead professionally and as leaders within the communities they serve. The university uses a multi-faceted approach to this task that includes an infusion of the curriculum through elective courses and student-led activities.  All programs are designed to provide a strong educational foundation, while special emphasis is placed on honing their educational and leadership skills through practical and real-world experiences.

This college was founded in 1946 in Henniker, New Hampshire, after World War II. The main goal at that point, was to educate young men and women returning home from fighting abroad. Today, there are thousands of students and the college offers several undergraduate, graduate as well as professional programs leading to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The campus is surrounded with the natural beauty of scenic hills and mountains. It is located in Henniker, a small village with 4,000 residents; a few miles west of Concorde, the New Hampshire State Capital. The Contoocook River runs alongside the campus adding to the serenity. It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and has several other accreditations to its credit.

Students interested in politics and public policy will greatly benefit from the courses offered at the New England College.  Guest speakers who hold high government positions and those working on current campaigns; make their presentations within the college premises; adding to the knowledge imparted by the faculty members.  Students with interests in other fields have plenty of choice too; and can avail of the vast number of programs offered. The academic component at the university is segregated into three divisions; The Liberal Arts & Sciences, Division of Education, and Division of Management.  Everything from Art History to Creative Writing; Criminal Justice to Sociology; Biological Studies to Mathematics and Physics; Housing Education to Computer Information Systems is offered by the college.  Scholarships are extended to students with merit.

Students for whom traditional education is not possible, distance learning programs provide all the benefits that campus study does.  Most distance learning programs are at the Master’s level and are meant to help students integrate education into their busy professional routine. The faculty taking online classes is highly-qualified and specifically trained to ensure students get the most relevant and original educational experience possible.  Students have access to course material, faculty, online library and other recourses, as well as technical support when the need arises.  Degree programs such as Non-profit leadership and Public Policy are offered to online students.

With more than 50 years of experience, New England College knows the exact tried-and-tested recipe for student success.  Students of diverse backgrounds flourish under the guidance of this college. By the end of the course, they are guaranteed to reach their full educational, personal and social potential.  Students step out of college completely transformed – more imaginative and innovative than ever, respect for self and others, high levels of confidence, a quest for continuous learning, and as ethical and responsible citizens.


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