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National University Review!

No financial situation and no location can keep students away from the National University. This university is dedicated to making learning opportunities accessible to all and offers them in plenty to students from all demographics, all financial levels, and from all parts of the world. The programs at this university are a blend of new technology and highly personalized attention.  As a non-profit institution, the university invests hugely in its students by providing them only the best education imparted through superior faculty and exemplary student services.

The National University located in San Diego is founded in 1971. It is the flagship institution of the National University System that was established in the year 2001, to cater to the increasing demand for education in the 21st century.  It has grown to be the second-largest non-profit private institution of higher education in California and also has the distinction of being the 12th largest in the United States. The university has expanded tremendously with 17 campuses across California and Nevada. It consists of one college and five schools, which include the Schools for Education, Health and Human Services, Business and Management, Media and Communications, Engineering and Technology, and the College of Letters and Sciences.

National University follows a unique one-course-per-month format, which allows students to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees faster.  The 100 Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the various schools include subjects like Business Administration, Accountancy, Human Resource Management, Integrated Marketing, Management Information Systems, Autism, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education, Mathematics Education, Public Health and plenty more.  With highly educated and experienced faculty at the helm, graduate and undergraduate courses are not just offered to students visiting the campus but also those who wish to study from home.  This university has the distinction of producing the largest number of teaching degrees; preparing students to fulfill their passion of working in education positions at the elementary and secondary levels.  There are many that have won awards as teachers and in other fields, becoming role models in their respective fields.

If all those campuses are not reachable, then the university’s online learning feature allows students to educate themselves in a broad range of degrees and credentials – more than 1200 of them.  While some may be available partially online, most of them can be pursued completely online, without ever stepping foot in the campus.  These online courses are mostly available in fields with the most demand, such as E-Business, Teaching and Business Administration. All the coursework is made available at any point of time and students have the facility of interaction with their peers and the faculty.

With a diverse student population, National University facilitates continuous and success-oriented learning through innovative delivery systems and the best faculty. Students stepping out of the university are empowered with the necessary constituents needed to become successful professionals in their fields of choice.  The beauty of being a student here is the accessibility and affordability of gaining the best education a student can ask for.


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