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National American University Review!

National American University has successfully created a learning environment where students from different cultural backgrounds and varied interests come together as a single entity, to gain the formal education they need in fulfilling their career goals.  The care and support provided to students; opens a wonderful avenue for developing and honing their skills, enabling them to become valuable members of the global society and their work places.

The university was established in South Dakota, in 1941 by Clarence Jacobson, as the National School of Business for students needing specialized business training.  The school then offered secretarial and accounting programs. After shifting to a new location in Rapid City and being renamed as the National American University, it expanded and offered business curriculum with accounting and marketing and management, mainly to cater to the returning veterans of war who looked for business training.  With the growing stature, the university had students coming in not just from across the United States but from different countries. Now there are different campuses in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Centennial, Denver; Lee’s Summit, Independence; Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico; and several other places.

Degrees in Accounting, Information Technology, Medical Assisting, Applied Management, Medical Administrative Assistant, Business Administration, Health Care Management, and a host of others are available at all the campuses.  Students can pursue their Master’s degrees in business. The beauty of studying here is the ability to have, not just highly-qualified but also instructors who have actively worked in the different fields they teach.  This gives students the perspective of “real-world experience.” On-campus students have the advantage of being a part of the highly successful Volleyball team and Rodeo.  The Higher Learning Commission has granted regional accreditation and the university is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

National American University began offering online courses in the year 1996, and has never looked back since then. Students from different countries throng to be a part of their distance learning programs that are offered in several academic areas. Many Bachelor’s, Master’s, Associate’s degrees along with a Diploma in Healthcare Coding are open to online students.  Master’s programs are offered in Nursing, Management, and Business Administration. Students have the flexibility to learn at a time of their convenience and the course material is available 24-hours a day.  They can interact with the faculty and other students with ease.  There is a virtual library and technical support is also available.

National American University’s careers programs help students reach heights in today’s industries.  The university is with each and every student, every step of the way and helps them find the various career options in the job market. A career management class is provided to students, where important things like preparing a portfolio and getting ready for job interviews is taken care of.  The university assists students seek employment opportunities that fit individual needs.  With so much help from the university, the student is well prepared to contribute immediately in their chosen career, leading to success all the way.


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