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Mountain State University Review!

Mountain State University aims at providing students the valuable assets of formal education, career success and advancement, along with personal achievement. It ensures students develop a love of learning that helps them in all their future endeavors.  The university believes in the power of knowledge transforming students’ lives and works towards achieving that. Students from all backgrounds, cultures and capacities are offered a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The university began its journey in the year 1933, with 97 students, and was initially called Beckley College.  This private non-profit institution was a junior college in the southern West Virginia, meant to make higher education accessible to youngsters of the area. Those were the days when less than 10% of high-school graduates attended college. Having grown by leaps and bounds from those initial days, the college was renamed, Mountain State University in 2001. The campus grew from strength to strength, and has now introduced Master’s level and doctoral level education in high-demand professional and technology fields too.

The university has several undergraduate and graduate programs that students can take advantage of. Accounting, Information Technology, Aviation, Business Administration, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts and Nursing are just a few of the courses offered. All these programs are structured in the best possible manner with reality-based curricula, to help students reach their long-term goals.  MSU’s doctorate programs are much talked about and their “Doctor of Executive Leadership” is one of the most sought after by students from across the world.  The university has several accreditations under its belt and is a member of the “American Association of Colleges and Nursing.”

Distance learning is delivered by the university to locations far away, in any part of the world. Students doing these programs gain the same advantages as the on-campus students. Degree programs that include Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science and Information Technology, Fire Science, Legal Studies, Medical Coding and Billing, Psychology are just a few available for online students. The efficacy of their programs completely replaces traditional education, with the use of instructional television and other newer technologies. With completely flexible learning schedules and the Blackboard CE and WebCT CE 4 learning management systems, distance learning students gain easy accessibility to course information. Both the tools allow students to gain easy access to the course material, faculty and other students, submit their assignments and take exams.  Their online course in “Master of Science in Strategic Leadership” has been ranked by as a “Best Buy.”

The university’s goals of attaining academic excellence along with career goals has long been achieved, and the proof lies in the thousands of students that have achieved high levels of success professionally.  With the chance to explore where their abilities can take them, the sense of excitement and growth students achieve from being at MSU is unparalleled.  Getting your success today is as easy as joining the Mountain State University.


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