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Marylhurst University Review!

Students of all age groups are welcome at Marylhurst University. It is known to offer opportunities galore to students from all backgrounds with different educational experience.  The programs are created in a manner where emphasis is given to individual qualities of students, which in turn helps them achieve highest levels of progress in their chosen educational, personal, professional and spiritual goals. Activities in a community setting help steer students towards a service-oriented life.

Marylhurst was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, in the year 1893, and the original name was “St. Mary’s Academy and College.” It is the oldest Catholic institution in Oregon that was created as a center for higher learning, for the local women. In 1908, the Sisters purchased 63 acres of land between Lake Oswego and West Linn and named it ”Marylhurst.” The college was given this name when it shifted to the new premises in 1930.  Soon, male students were admitted to the school, and it started offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The staff at Marylhurst is highly educated with years of experience. The university’s high level of quality consciousness in imparting education has brought it many accolades.  Classes with “fewer” students and faculty consisting of highly experienced professionals in their fields; has resulted in the school being listed as one of the “Best Colleges” for more than six years consecutively. It is this achievement that tells a lot about Marylhurst University, and makes it the perfect choice for both on-campus and distance learning students from around the world.

When Marylhurst became a university in 1998, several new academic programs were added. Master of Arts in Applied Theology and the Bachelor of Music Therapy are a couple of the new and much sought after programs.  Bachelor’s degrees are available in a host of subjects; ranging from Anthropology, Art, Business Management, Communication, Art, English Literature and Writing, Interior Design, Human Studies, Science, Religious Studies and many more. Graduate degrees in MBA, Arts, and Divinity are just a few offered by the university. There are also several Certification programs that attract students from around the world. The university received a high level of accreditation for MBA, and degree programs in Business and Real Estate, by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).  The Portland Business Journal ranked Marylhurst MBA as #1 for having the largest MBA program in the state.

With the advent of technology, the university started offering their degree programs online since 1996, for students who cannot attend the campus programs. Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Business Management,  Bachelor’s in Real Estate Studies, MBA in Sustainable Business and Certificate in Public Relations are a few of the online courses, which have received an overwhelming response from students around the world. The faculty that teaches online is as experienced as the one that handles on-campus students.  Online students are facilitated in every possible way to ensure they have easy access to course material, the faculty and their peers.

Students at Marylhurst University are at an advantage, as the university emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual, and steers them towards fulfilling not just their educational goals, but also their professional development, career transition and personal enrichment. Students are helped pursue the ideals of high levels of competence and leadership in this rapidly changing world.


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