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Marist University Review!

Having begun with the intention of training future Marist Brothers, the Marist University, a highly selective liberal arts institution, is ecumenical in character and functions on the principals of the Marist Brothers. High level of importance is given to excellence in education and towards achieving this; the university promotes an atmosphere that encourages diversity and unity. It draws students from all over the nation and the world, and leads them towards becoming confident and strong individuals and professionals in the global community.

The Catholic order of the Marist Brothers was responsible for the creation of the Marist University. They sought to better the educational opportunities that existed throughout the world in 1816. It was their relentless effort that paid off and led to the creation of this school in 1929, overlooking the Hudson River. The campus, still located along the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York, educates students in the thousands, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students, who do not belong to New York or are unable to be part of the campus-education, can learn using the flexible online degree programs offered by the college.

The college has a variety of Bachelors and Masters Degree programs as well as several Certificate programs. Six undergraduate schools and the School of Global and Professional Programs handle these programs between them.  All students attending the campus have to take “core” classes during the four years, in order to graduate.  Over the past few years, Marist has become very selective and the only about 35% students on an average are accepted each year. They receive applications in tens of thousands, to fill around 900 spots.  The college is partnered with IBM and also the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park. Marist has risen in rankings over the years. It ranked “10th out of 172 universities” in 2010 by the US News and World Report. Several others ranked it as one of the top best colleges for its excellence; including the TIME Magazine, Princeton Review, and Barron’s Best Buys in College Education.

The College uses cutting edge technology and offers the distance learning program through their “iLearn” web-based learning environment. This system is highly effective and offers a range of information management and communication tools to allow better interactions with the other students and instructors, and easier access to project materials.  Wherever the student is in the world, the online programs are accessible at any time. A variety of graduate programs in Business Administration, Information Systems, Communication, Technology Management and a host of others are available for online students.  Students also have the option of taking up single undergraduate courses that allow students to transfer credits or brush up on topics of their interest.

A strong sense of what Marist College stands for comes from the thousands of students and the highly qualified staff.  A genuine community feeling is fostered at Marist.  It offers students opportunities that exist on no other campus. Learning while developing from the inside is what students would be gaining at Marist College.


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