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Loyola University Review!

Loyola University is a Jesuit university that offers a private, co-educational education. Students from all backgrounds are welcomed with delight and attempt is made by the university to provide the best learning tools possible. With the high-level of coaching offered in Liberal Arts, students are assured of a strong foundation.  The faculty at the university is exceptionally qualified, the programs offered are many and the students benefit immensely in terms of knowledge and creativity, from the wonderful community setting they are part of.

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Loyola College, named after Saint Ignatius of Loyola, was established in 1904 by the Society of Jesus, on a section of the Foucher Plantation.  Eight years later, in 1912, the institution was chartered as a university. With thousands of students and a highly experienced faculty, the university has grown tremendously. As a result of Hurricane Katrina, there was some damage to the university, but it has recovered soon enough to function at the normal pace.

The beauty of Loyola University is that it is organized into colleges that specialize in Liberal Arts, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and other professional courses.  Some of the colleges at Loyola are:  College of Social Sciences; College of Music and Fine Arts; College of Law; College of Humanities and Natural Sciences; and the College of Business. The on-campus students have access to faculty who are mostly doctoral degree holders in their specialized fields. There is also a huge library that students can use to their advantage, along with other educational and recreational resources.  Loyola University is one of the larger Jesuit universities in the southern United States, and is ranked fifth best among all the Southern regional universities.  The Princeton Review has featured this as one of the top colleges in 2010, for undergraduate programs.

Loyola University also offers students an online program, giving every student a chance to achieve their educational goals of attaining a Master’s degree in Nursing, Criminal Justice Administration, Pastoral Studies as well as a RN to MSN Bridge program. These courses can be taken up by students from all over the world, irrespective of where they are. Faculty with a high level of experience is assigned to these students.  Using an innovative format for online learning; students are allowed to interact with fellow classmates, either to discuss about their course, to complete their coursework or use this interaction in any way that can help them reach their full potential. The curriculum and instruction given to online students is the same as the one used on campus, and the degree they receive eventually is the same too.

With 28-member institutions in its kitty, Loyola University concentrates on offering students an outstanding education following the Jesuit tradition. This calls for excellence to the fullest possible degree in every aspect of human life, which implies academic excellence where the student learns to develop all the skills and talents to the fullest, through critical thinking and high levels of discipline.  This gives students the confidence they need when making crucial decisions at work or in other spheres of their lives.


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