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Liberty University Review!

Liberty University is an educational institution with strong Christian values. The university focuses on providing students with a solid foundation that helps them in their future endeavors; both professional and personal. Their aim is to give students the kind of mentoring that opens up avenues for spiritual growth.

Founded in 1971 by Evangelist, Jerry Falwell, Liberty University was conceived as a Christian-value oriented college aimed at the growth of students not just academically through higher education, but also at a much higher spiritual level. The name of the university was initially Lynchburg Baptist College and it was later rechristened as Liberty Baptist College in 1976.  Finally, the name Liberty University was given in 1984. This university through its campus in Virginia, Lynchburg and through their distance learning program; has achieved the distinction of being a Mecca of education for more than 60,000 students.

Liberty University offers a large number of major and specializations; more than 70 for on-campus students.  Some of them are Aeronautics, English, Worship & Music Ministry, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Philosophy and Religion, Business, and Education.  It has earned several awards for the excellent education it imparts. It received the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Level VI accreditation, which is the highest level and reserved strictly for universities and colleges that offer four or more doctoral degrees. The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools also accredited this university. The law school that began in the year 2004 received full accreditation from the American Bar Association in 2010.

The university’s Distance Learning Program is called “LU Online.” This has become such a hit with students from different parts of the world, as they are tutored by highly qualified faculty just as the on-campus students are. The LU component runs as a Semester program similar to the regular courses. Degrees are offered from the Associates level to the Doctorate level. Everything from the school resources and interactive mode of teaching remain exactly the same. The duration of courses is 8 weeks, and it is arranged this way to enable students to earn their degrees quickly.  This in turn is meant to get the students out there into the workplace as early as possible and put their education to good use.  Liberty University offers a total of 40 online degree programs, and students have a vast choice of courses; from Criminal Justice to Religion.

For students instilled with Christian values, this distinctively Christian environment is the place to be. Freedom of interaction; both with the faculty and fellow students gives students the opportunity to meet and share their thoughts and beliefs with like-minded individuals. Famous Christian leaders and conservatives are often invited as speakers to the university. One of the conservative schools that students of Liberty University are given access to, is ranked as the best by the Princeton Review.

Liberty University is currently the world’s largest Christian university, and is also known as a Christian academic community. Students are expected to abide by the code of conduct of the university, and they in turn gain in-depth knowledge in their subjects and a spiritual elevation that will help them with their future.


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