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LeTourneau University Review

Le Tourneau University is a Christian university that believes in the concept of individual attention to all students. Towards this end, they have hired highly qualified faculty in large numbers and classrooms are kept small with few students per each class. The school’s faculty are required to take a pledge to live a Christian lifestyle and provide spiritual Christ-centred guidance to students, along with imparting academic theoretical education and practical skills. All the programs at the university are specifically designed to lead students towards following biblical principles and pursuing successful careers after they graduate from the school.

The school was founded by R.G. and Evelyn LeTourneau in 1946 as a means of educating World War II returned Texas veterans. In the beginning, when the school was in its infancy, the focus was solely on technical education but with the passing of years, several other programs were introduced. Today, students are offered a variety of majors. The school has two campuses; the Texas campus and Longview campus. All the programs are offered at both the campuses. This Christian-based school has earned the distinction of ranking highly at the national level for its programs and has become well-known for the strong Christian values and education it imparts.

Many respected degree programs are offered to students by LeTourneau University. Some of these programs have received immense praise and nationwide attention, such as Business, Education, Engineering and Aeronautics. These programs are so well-designed and touch different aspects of the subject, that they provide students the strong foundation that is crucial to achieving high levels of success. Because of programs such as these and others, Le Tourneau University has been highly ranked as one of the top ten Christian universities in the whole nation by

Le Tourneau provides distance learning programs to cater to students that wish to continue their education but do not have the facility or ability to attend on-campus classes. Classes for online students are taken through the use of virtual classrooms. Students learn from multimedia presentations, doing assignments on the Blackboard educational platform and interacting with the instructors and fellow students. Students have the provision to access all their course material online at anytime based on their convenience. They are also provided reference material from the school’s online library. Students can earn their degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in majors, such as Management, Business Administration and Marketing among many others.

In the modern society, where Christian values are not taught as they were previously, it is an impressive task that is taken up by the Le Tourneau University. They have made it part of their curriculum, ensuring that students learn the values of life along with the traditional education. This prepares students that graduate from this university to handle all aspects of their lives in the most appropriate manner; their professional lives and the personal lives. The awards and recognition achieved by this university are proof of the value associated to the culture and education imparted by the school.


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