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Lesley University Program Review

Lesley University believes in imparting education that moulds students into being successful professionals and responsible individuals. Students are taught the invaluable lesson of belonging to a community and sharing their success with others as this is what makes them good team leaders and managers in an organizational setup. The curriculum is so designed that it not only concentrates on traditional academic classroom training but provides hands-on training. Through this education, students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are essential in a competitive environment. They are also given the opportunity to enhance their creativity, work on their critical thinking skills, think ethically and develop a lifelong love for learning.

Lesley University was started by Edith Lesley in 1909 to provide early childhood education for children in the Massachusetts community. The school has taken giant leaps forward and in 40 years has reached a stage where it is now offering several undergraduate and graduate programs. The school has two campuses; one in Cambridge and the other in Boston. If students are unable to attend these two campuses, they have the option to take up classes at any of the other 150 partner institutions that are present throughout the United States. For others who cannot attend a regular school due to their responsibilities of work and family, they can take advantage of the school’s online program to complete their education.

The school offers courses in a variety of formats to suit the specific needs of students. Programs are available completely online, through independent study, on-campus classes, weekend classes or they even have the option of earning degrees while doing their internships. With so many options, students have a vast choice and they can easily find one that meets their needs, irrespective of how bizarre their schedule is.

Students joining the online education at Lesley University can take up courses that are completely flexible and are relevant to their working experience. They can study at their convenience without having to attend campus classes. Faculty that teaches online students is specifically trained for this purpose and will conduct lectures, grade assignments, give homework and lead discussions – all through virtual classrooms. These interactions with the lecturers and fellow students go a long way in making online study as efficient and promising as on-campus study. They are provided various reference materials from the library that can be accessed online at any time of the day or night. Online programs that are currently offered are at the Master’s level. Students can choose from many majors, such as Ecological Teaching, Science, Technology and others.

Lesley University understand the importance of overall growth to be able to succeed in the professional arena. They aim to make this growth possible through imbibing the right attitude towards the community while fulfilling the educational goals of theory and practice. Students studying at Lesley stand a better chance of becoming leaders in their fields, such as managers in organizations, where leading people as one community is essential for the success of any organization.


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