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Keller Graduate School of Management Review

Keller Graduate School of Management works hard towards ensuring their students’ success in their chosen professions. The school imparts education that helps students gain the essential skills that help them in their workplace and they are helped to build the professional credibility required to advance in their careers. The faculty that teaches these students is carefully picked from among the experts working in the respective fields. The curriculum is designed by these experts and reflects the trends in the current marketplace. Keller goes all out to ensure students are given an extremely high standard of instruction that proves to be exceptionally valuable in a work situation. They build the skills that employers look for in an individual.

Keller graduate School of Management is a division of the DeVry family of educational programs. Keller has been providing high quality business education to graduate students from the nation and all over the world, and the quality of education is as high as the one imparted at any DeVry institute. There are more than 75 locations throughout the nation where students can join on-campus classes. Keller also has an online education program based on innovative class-room based instruction.

Keller has gained a name for itself as a respectable graduate school. It has gained recognition and is highly popular with leading employers in a variety of industries. All degree programs at Keller pay attention to practical skills that are directly applicable in a professional setting. The faculty are established experts in their areas of business and they are trained to take classes both on-campus and online.

The advantage of online programs with Keller is that students who cannot join on-campus classed owing to their responsibilities, such as careers and family, can take them up at their own convenience. They can earn degrees in the most flexible manner. Online students can also interact with the faculty and other students through group projects, online discussions and case studies. This gives them the feel of on-campus classrooms and the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts. Several online resources are at the disposal of the students, such as study notes, textbooks, interactive course materials and others, which can be accessed at any time. Master’s degrees are offered to online students in many specialities of business, including Business Administration, Project Management and Information Systems Management among others.

With so much going on at Kaiser, it is no wonder their on-campus as well as the online programs are considered to be top-notch among individuals as well as the business circles, so much so that large organizations wait for the next batch of graduates to come out of Keller Graduate School. This popularity stems from the preparation that goes into the designing of the programs, the curriculum and the experienced faculty engaged to instil essential knowledge into the students. It is considered a privilege to obtain a degree from this prestigious university as the outcome of such a degree for the students is an excellent professional career.


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