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Kaplan University Online Review

Kaplan University Online has made it a mission to help people achieve their goals; both educational and career. The school aims at getting into the ranks of the top educational institutions for people of all ages from around the world. All their programs are designed to fulfil the needs of their students, whether they are looking at earning a degree while taking care of family responsibilities and pursuing a career or aiming at earning professional certifications.

Founded by Stanley Kaplan in 1938 and located in New York, the Kaplan University was originally meant to prepare students for the New York State Regents Exam. The school has since grown to offer a wide range of services from several locations in the country. There is also an online division that caters to students who are unable to attend a regular on-campus school but wish to continue their education. The school offers several educational opportunities to a variety of students with different needs from its Dublin Business School and Concord Law School and others.

Since the school was initially started to help with the preparation for the New York State Regents Exam, many people still associate this school with test preparation. However, the school has expanded since then and there are many more offerings, with a hugely popular higher education program for students to earn their Associates, Bachelors, Masters degrees as well as diplomas and certificate programs. All these programs are designed to provide the necessary skills and give students the confidence required to achieve success in the fields of their choice.

Along with the other degrees that students can earn at Kaplan, the certification in Financial Planning is also very popular and much sought after. The demand for certified financial planners is on the increase with people understanding the benefits of proper financial planning as they reach their retirement age. This demand can be taken advantage of by students getting into this online study program. The duration of this program varies and it can take anywhere between 9 and 12 months to complete, depending on the type of program the student chooses. The school also offers an accelerated program for students wishing to complete it quickly. In the accelerated program, students will be able to work with their professors through online study in a very efficient manner. Once they graduate, students can work as qualified financial planners anywhere, from small firms to large financial firms. In fact, qualified financial planners are in high demand currently throughout the world.

With the number of degree and certification programs Kaplan University Online offers and the care that students are given, all the students that complete their graduation from this university go on to be appointed into large organizations who are always on the lookout for knowledgeable and experienced professionals, who can fulfil their professional roles with élan and confidence. These are the type of individuals that make a difference to a company and Kaplan’s graduation programs help churn out such people.


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