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Jones International University Review

Jones International University is committed to providing quality education to students from different backgrounds and cultures. Students are imparted the important skills required and instilled with the confidence needed to turn into leading professionals in their fields of expertise. The cutting edge programs provide flexibility and the practical project-based hands-on environment prepares students for challenging careers. All the students are given personal attention and several educational resources that they can make use of for their benefit.

Founded in 1987 by Glenn R. Jones, the cable magnate, Jones International University was initially started as a cable television network. Through the Mind Extension University, students were imparted instruction via television. Online classes were started in 1993 to cater to thousands of students looking for flexible methods of study, within the nation and from different parts of the world.
Jones International University is the pioneer of online education. It has the distinction of being the first university to impart exclusive online education when it came into being in 1993. In 1999, it was the first institution that provided education entirely online to receive regional accreditation. The school continues to expand with every passing year, making innovative offerings to help students in their pursuit of higher education. The school’s Cyberdome, which is a virtual auditorium, was launched in 2006. This innovative auditorium provides educational productions, entertainment as well as gives students a chance to attend graduation ceremonies also.

Classes at Jones International University are offered completely online, making sure students from all backgrounds can attend, despite their commitments that may otherwise prove to be prohibitive for higher education. The university offers programs in a wide variety of majors, fields and in different languages to cater to the diverse student body.

Jones International University has created an excellent format that allows online students to work in weekly modules and students are expected to complete these modules in a week. They can work on them at their own convenience during the week without any daily deadlines to meet. Students can connect with their classmates and with the faculty through online discussion boards, where they can discuss subject matter and clarify doubts. These online facilities make this mode no different from the regular on-campus school.

Degrees are available from the Associates to the Ph.D. levels, based on the course taken by the student. Although, there are many programs, the school is well-known for and specializes in Business and Education programs. These programs offer many different specializations to choose from.
The wonderful facilities students are provided include but are not limited to gaining access to the reference materials and an administrator, who is always on had to help them with any other issues during the course of their program. All sort of assistance is given to the students.

Jones International University provides the most convenient method of study to students, irrespective of where they are from and this makes this university one of the most sought after for students from across the nation and the world.


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