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Jacksonville University Review

Jacksonville University aims to bring together students with a love for learning and intent of gaining better educational opportunities for intellectual growth and to reach higher academic realms. The school takes on this challenge and assists in their growth by providing a strong foundation in sciences and liberal arts. They are also provided hands-on and practical experience in these fields. Students can fall back upon this solid educational foundation when they are confronted with facing the professional challenges after they graduate.

Founded in 1934 as William J. Porter University, this two-year school has transformed into an excellent education centre within 25 years. The school moved location to downtown Jacksonville, Florida and the name has been appropriately changed to Jacksonville University. This campus offers many different majors and degree programs. They have also established an online study program to cater to the thousands of students that prefer studying from their homes.

In this short span of time, the school has earned a good name for itself for imparting quality education. In the annual college ranking of the U.S. News & World Report, Jacksonville University has been ranked favourably. The graduate programs have been ranked as some of the best in the South. All the programs are known for their quality and attract huge numbers of students; however, one of the most talked about and well-known programs is Aeronautics. Students that join this program are given in-class training and on-hands practice in the university, as well as through sponsored programs by Delta Airlines, which has proved to be an excellent learning curve for the students.

Jacksonville University’s online programs offer a variety and there are many takers. Students that have responsibilities taking them away from regular classes, choose this option to get their education without having to visit a campus. All their studies are done online and can be fitted into their busy schedules. Course material is accessed online with the help of mail, discussion boards and videoconferencing. Students are given the opportunity to interact with their instructors as well as their fellow students. This networking is aimed at making it easier to study by clarifying all the doubts and giving them the feel of attending a regular on-campus class. Students can choose their majors in fields like Business Administration, Nursing, Software Design and many others.

With the convenience the online courses at Jacksonville University afford, it is no surprise that so many people who wish to continue their education while working and taking care of their personal lives; resume their studies through this school. The instruction imparted for online students is of high standard just as it is on-campus. The faculty is highly trained and experienced in providing online instruction to students in the most interesting and fun way possible. The twenty-four hour care and availability of the school staff makes it possible for students to study at any time. Student counselors help students with any questions or issues they may have about all other aspects of online studies.


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