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Iowa Central College Review

The mission of Iowa Central College is to fulfil the academic needs of the local community as well as the whole nation. In order to cater to a diverse student body from different backgrounds, the school designs all the educational programs in the most affordable and flexible manner.

Having come into existence in 1966, Iowa Central College is dedicated to making educational resources available to all categories of students, including students from the smaller communities of Iowa. Previously, the school consisted of three separate junior colleges. These colleges were later combined into one, which is a larger and more comprehensive institution. There are three campuses in Iowa; the main campus is in Fort Dodge; two satellite campuses in Storm Lake and Webster City. The school also introduced the facility of online degree programs for students who for their own reasons cannot attend on-campus classes. These online classes provide several educational opportunities that people could not have dreamed of pursuing from the comfort of their homes.

Access to various programs of study is offered by Iowa Central, with dozens of degree programs. With so much choice, a large percentage of students are likely to find the programs they are interested in. Degree programs, adult education and career training programs are provided to help students get better education and a chance at improving their career opportunities.

Distance education programs offered by the school are numerous. These programs give students the flexibility to study at their convenience while carrying out their responsibilities of a career and family. All programs are flexibly designed for students to mould them according to their requirements.

The FlexNet program, which is specifically designed for online students, gives them the option of beginning their 15-week classes whenever they choose to during the course of the year. For students that are capable of handling the home study independently without instructors, the Guided Self Study program is a great option. With this program, students are given the course material as well all the projects at the beginning of the semester, and they are expected to turn those assignments and projects in by the end of the semester. The third option for online students is to take classes online following the same schedule set for on-campus students. These students can use the facility of a virtual classroom to interact with the faculty. This option is almost like going to school on a regular basis, with all the projects needing to be done and submitted within timeframes provided to the regular students.

With the number of options available for online students, these programs have become very popular with students who look for this flexibility. The quality of course material is of a high standard and requires the student to pay a good deal of attention to their studies. All the programs are designed to keep students on par with the professional requirements of the current work place. By the end of their programs, all students are well-equipped and ready to take up challenging posts in highly competitive fields.


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