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International Academy of Design and Technology Review

International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) caters to the creative-minded students by offering high quality and highly creative academic programs. Along with the skills acquired during their time at the school, the students will also be given ample space to build character and integrity that is essential to succeed in every aspect of life. The school concentrates on imparting both theoretical knowledge in the classroom and practical training to its students. Continuous guidance and support is provided all through the duration of the study and this enables students to graduate completely prepared to take on the new-age professional world filled with challenges.

Since the year 1977, the school has been offering degree programs in design and technology. With several locations scattered throughout the United States, IADT makes sure that a large percentage of students attend classes closer to their homes, cities or communities. Campuses are located all over in places like Detroit, MI; Chicago and Schaumburg, IL; Orlando and Tampa, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Nashville, TN; Sacramento, CA; Seattle, WA; and San Antonio, TX.

Creative fields like game design and web design are in high demand in the current day and IADT provides the required ammunition in these fields for students to succeed. Their online format gives interested students a chance to earn degrees in these much-in-demand courses. Through providing the necessary instruction and letting students work with the latest technology to gain experience, students are prepared to adapt with ease to the working environment they will be a part of after they graduate.

Flexibility is the name of the game at IADT. Online education helps students continue their education while balancing a career and a family. Students can study at their own convenience and all the course material is made available online at any point of time. All the online programs are designed in such a way that students get a full-fledged hands-on experience with the numerous assignments and projects they will have to work on and submit. The programs offered currently include Associate’s degrees in Web Design, Graphic Design; Bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Web Development, Advertising and Design and Fashion Merchandising.

Studying from home is in no way disadvantageous as the instruction is similar to on-campus education. The faculty teaching online students is well-trained and makes sure they do not miss out on anything. Instructors are available for students to seek guidance and clarify doubts at all times. Other interactive features of the online courses include the ability to interact with fellow classmates, which makes this virtual classroom fun to attend. There are counselors available to handle all other questions and issues online students may have with regards to their courses, fee and anything else.
This is the perfect school to attend for individuals with a creative bend of mind as they find full-fledged assistance in fulfilling all their aspirations and goals of educating themselves and becoming the best in their areas of expertise.


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