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Indiana Business College Review

Indiana Business College takes its role as an education advocate very seriously and is committed to creating an environment that is student-centred. The school provides students with all the valuable tools and resources they will ever need to pursue a successful career. It believes in diversity and flexibility, and students from all backgrounds get together to achieve their goals. The curriculum is designed to be completely career-oriented and helps students get into careers of their choice after they complete graduation from the school. Through its online study programs, the school provides the convenience and support necessary for students to balance life’s responsibilities while gaining academic growth.

For over a hundred years, Indiana Business College has given residents of Indiana access to practical business education. With the addition of the online division of the school, students from all over the nation and world can gain access to the programs. The school has several campuses throughout Indiana that allow students from Anderson, Columbus, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Marion, Muncie, Terre Haute and near-by communities to attend classes that can help them advance their careers.

It was more than a century ago, in 1902 that Indiana Business College opened its doors. A hundred years of providing the best business education makes this institution a special and unique place to be. It was started by Charles Cring in Marion with the name of Marion Business College, who realized that Indiana economy needed trained workers. In those days, skills such as typing, shorthand, book-keeping, English, ability to write well and accounting were considered essential. Later, the name was changed to Indiana Business College and the number of campuses also increased to 12, as well as the addition of a culinary school.

Students of this school will benefit from the career-focused programs that help them gain the skills they’ll need to work as managers, business owners or in any other business-related position.
Indiana Business College ensures students get value for their investment and they are prepared through a career-focused education for well-paying jobs. Students are helped to develop a schedule of their own that meets their needs and they can only take up subjects and classes that interest them and help them in achieving their career goals. This accelerates the learning program.
The school offers online studies to anyone in the world and the same principles that apply to on-campus education apply to online students too. Many areas of study are offered and they can learn at their own convenience. All online courses cater to helping students learn the art of applying their studies to their careers in the easiest and most appropriate manner. Degree programs are made available for Associate’s degrees as well as Bachelor’s degrees. There are programs in majors like Human Resources, Accounting, Business Management, Business Administration and Criminal Justice.
This student centred environment develops students into individuals of worth where their professions are concerned. Their online division is excellent and provides instruction in a manner that takes students to great heights in their desired professions.


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