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Hofstra University Review

Hofstra University is a private institution which aims to provide high-quality education to students in an environment that supports learning. The diverse body of students is encouraged to freely exchange ideas with their peers and with the faculty, giving the academic freedom needed for the advancement of knowledge. The faculty that is research–active and professionally engaged allows students to thrive in an atmosphere of academic excellence. Along with their studies, students are inculcated with social and ethical responsibility and are made to develop an awareness of issues relating to the national and global communities.

Hofstra University was founded in 1935 as the first coeducational college in Long Island. It was a tribute to the Hofstras, who died leaving a huge estate with a trust. When the trust was left with the task of finding a fitting tribute to the Hofstras’, the idea of an institution of higher education lead to the creation of the Hofstra University. The campus stands on the huge estate that once belonged to the Hofstra family, in Hempsted, New York. Initially, the school was part of the New York University but became independent in 1937. Today, the school enrols more than 8,000 students and provides classes, on-campus as well as through online instruction. The school has several accreditations to its credit.

Students of Hofstra participate in both academic and extracurricular activities that enrich their educational experience. The communications department of the school encourages students to participate and gain experience in the media outlets and publications related to the school. There is a large arboretum, bird sanctuaries and the annual Shakespeare festival, which provide the much needed relaxation, entertainment and reprieve students need from time to time.

For students who wish to continue their education without having to physically go to a school, Hofstra’s online study program is perfect. The course material and the lectures are delivered through an online platform as well as through the use of multimedia presentations. Students can study at their own convenience and pace, while carrying on with their professional and private lives as before. Currently, Hofstra has just a few degree programs and students can earn Masters in Computer Science online.

Students who earn their degrees through Hofstra’s online program, receive the exact degree as on-campus students do and the instruction is similar to the one provided on-campus, including the textbooks. Students will also be given class work, homework and writing assignments that they are expected to complete and submit online.

The tremendous benefit of Hofstra’s online programs is the high level of support available. There is a course facilitator that can be contacted in case of any problem, as well as the ability to interact with other students and program manager for any help or support.

The end of the journey at Hofstra when students earn their degrees, marks the beginning of a beautiful career and a successful life. Most online students find it very exciting that they can join their other online classmates as well as on-campus friends and stand next to them for obtaining the degree, during the graduation ceremony.


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