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Hodges University Review

Hodges University is a teaching institution that is dedicated to the development of students into confident individuals and to providing education for students of all ages, faiths and backgrounds. This school seeks to foster in its students the skills of critical thinking, initiative, leadership, research ability and effective communication. The emphasis is mostly on adult learners and on practical application of knowledge in career programs. The school provides programs that afford career enrichment to the students.

Founded in 1990 and named International College, Hodges University has over the years gained a name for itself as being one of the premier private universities in the State of Florida. In 2007, the name was changed to Hodges University to honor Thelma and Earl Hodges, who were long-time residents of Naples and supported the institution and made huge donations. The main campus is located in Naples, Florida and there are ten other campuses located around Florida. There is also an online section of the university, where students who cannot attend on-campus classes due to their personal and professional responsibilities are taught. The school received regional accreditation with the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Now the school offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees through Kenneth Oscar Johnson School of Business, School of Allied Health, School of Professional Studies and School of Technology.

The instruction in Hodges is not limited to focussing on the degree programs. Students can also take senior education courses or learn to refine their English and learn other things, through the school’s exceptional Continuing Education Department. The business education programs of this school also attract large businesses that encourage and pay for their employees to take these courses in order to boost their skills and performance on their jobs.

Hodges University’s offers 14 degree programs for online students, which are aimed at students that are busy with fulfilling their responsibilities of a career and family. The coursework can be done by the students when it is convenient for them based on their lifestyle. However, the school ensures quality is never compromised for convenience. The faculty has real-world experience, which makes it possible to teach students skills they can apply at work as soon as they complete their programs. The school uses the Blackboard, which is an online platform used for delivering course material online, for interaction as well as for instructional support. There is also an amazing lecture capturing platform from where students will be able to download lectures at their convenience, from wherever they are. Some of the majors that are available in the degree programs include Public Administration, Paralegal Studies, Criminal Justice and Management.

The Hodges University not only assists students achieve their goals and fulfill their aspirations, but also makes turns them into self-actualized individuals, a quality that is certain to help them in any field and in their personal lives.


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