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Herzing College Online Review

Herzing College was one of the first post-secondary institutions that offered degree and diploma higher education programs in areas of high demand; such as technology, healthcare, business, public safety and design. The focus of the school has always been to pave the way for a diverse student population, to meet the needs of employers and to achieve their career goals. While receiving a firm foundation in general education that is designed to enhance the analytical, oral and written skills, students gain access to intensive career-focused training that creates several potential pathways for career advancement. Amidst all this educational endeavours, the school has also been recognized for its community service.

Founded in 1965 by Henry and Suzanne Herzing, as a computer programming school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the college today has learning centers in Orlando, Atlanta, Birmingham, Madison and New Orleans. There are affiliated colleges in Canada also. The school has grown tremendously over the years from a modest beginning to a leader in career education. Apart from computer programming courses, it offers several other programs in its curriculum and boasts of an active learning community. All the US campus locations award associate of science degrees and bachelors of Science degrees in programming, electronics, network technology and business administration. The school has received accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission and is also a member of the North Central Association.

With many years of experience in the technology sector, the school is able to provide students with the latest state-of-the-art facilities that will help them in highly competitive fields like IT and programming. The courses are all career-oriented and are designed in such a way that they can be applied in the modern workplace most efficiently. This prepares the students to step out of the college after graduation, all prepared to face the new world.

Some of the majors that are available through online study include: Business Administration, Graphic Design and Computer Science.

Online classes at Herzing provide a student with the choice of shaping their learning experience the way it is most convenient to them. Students can either opt for complete online cases or in combination with occasional campus classes. Opportunities are offered to earn a Diploma, Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in more than 30 programs. Some of the majors available for online study are; Business Administration, Computer Science and Graphic Design.

Students can choose to take one or two courses at a time. They are given homework at the beginning of every week by program instructors who hold doctorate degrees and are experienced in their fields. Online classes are kept small with few students in each class to ensure students get individual attention and they are encouraged to interact with their instructors either though messaging or even by phone if they have any questions.

A course at Herzing ensures a well-rounded understanding of the field of study as they relate to all major functions of today’s workplace. An industry-specific concentration prepares students in the best possible way, to tackle the topics facing the industry of interest.


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