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Gonzaga University Review

Gonzaga University is an accredited non-profit organization that belongs to an old and distinguished tradition of Jesuit, Catholic and humanistic education. The university is committed to maintaining a free intellectual inquiry for students while communicating it’s tradition to them. Students are encouraged to develop knowledge and skills during their years at the university, at the same time attaining specialized competence in the discipline of their choice. The university hopes encourages students to develop personal qualities; such as leading moral lives while being creative and productive. They are taught to fulfil their own aspirations while supporting others’ aspirations by generous sharing.

Gonzaga University was founded in 1887 by Fr. Joseph Cataldo whose intention was to create a Catholic school in the area for local Native Americans. The first academic year began with a Mass of the Holy Spirit, which continues even to this day. The school campus is located in Spokane, Washington. The student body comprises of not only students from within the nation but even international students that come from Italy, Florence and other places. The university also has an online program to cater to students studying from anywhere in the world.

The academic heart of Gonzaga’s liberal arts tradition is in its core curriculum, which integrates theology, philosophy, mathematics, history, literature and the social and natural sciences. The value of the written word is taken seriously at the university and students are given extensive writing projects throughout their study. The university offers seven undergraduate degrees in 43 majors, 26 master’s degrees, one Juris Doctor and one Ph.D. Students who graduate from here will be among some acclaimed alumni, such as Tim Foley, former Speaker of the House, singer Bing Crosby and Christine Gregoire, Washington State’s first female state attorney. Gonzaga also offers study-abroad programs in 15 countries.

Online education at Gonzaga combines professional outcome with convenience and is perfect for those that wish to take care of their other responsibilities while continuing with their education without have to step foot in the campus. Students have the freedom to interact fully with their classmates and professors. They also have access to the technical department at any time of the day or night for any sort of support. The university offers online students the opportunity to work in small groups where they get personal attention from faculty, at the same time maintaining the flexibility that online programs offer.

Currently, Gonzaga is offering online master’s degrees that guide you with your future aspirations. All master’s degrees are developed by professional instructional designers in partnership with industry experts. The master’s degree programs available are; Organizational Leadership, Communication and Leadership Studies and Science in Nursing. The university also offers a Servant Leadership Development Program that is a certificate program that involves the mind, body and spirit.

Gonzaga University has been ranked as one of the top universities in the West for 16 of the previous 19 years by U.S. News and World Report. The Forbes and Princeton Review ranked the university one of the nation’s best universities.


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