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Franklin University Review

Franklin University is committed to providing an intense educational experience by focusing on the students’ education and their career goals, helping them to stand out in a world of every-growing demands and expectations. This is done with the creation of flexible educational programs that allow students to attend classes without having to sacrifice other things that are important to them. Understanding the demand for knowledge professionals who can think critically and have better problem-solving and decision making skills, the university ensures the knowledge provided is innovative and relevant. It teaches students skills with a great deal of emphasis on the current marketplace trends. The coursework is designed with the help of businesses and communities, and is a balanced blend of theory with practical experience.

Established in 1902 as a School of Commerce with the help of the YMCA program, Franklin University has grown exponentially over the years. By the year 1969, the school was relocated to its present location, Columbus, Ohio, and the name was changed to Franklin University. The main campus is in Columbus with three smaller campuses in Dublin, Delaware and Westerville. It has also established a Virtual Campus to cater to students who cannot make it to the campus and wish to study from home. The age of the students ranges between 18 and 75 and there are students from more than 63 countries studying in Franklin. The university has many achievements to its credit. It was chosen to provide education to enlisted soldiers via GoArmyEd. It was one of the 20 institutions chosen. More than 245 community colleges in the United States have partnered with the university through Community College Alliance (CA), enabling students to complete their bachelor’s degrees online.

Students wishing to take the undergraduate or graduate programs in business will flourish with the several opportunities that Franklin offers. Students have several options, such as taking an on-campus course for a degree or do a MBA degree online. Franklin’s MBA program is one of the most respected and the largest MBA programs in central Ohio. It has helped thousands of students increase their earning potential and career advancement while continuing with their profession and taking care of other personal things.

Academic success comes easy to students of Franklin University, because they are provided with all the material required to achieve that success. The resources available to online students are exceptional. They can access their books online at their convenience. They have the facility to interact with the faculty, other students and student advisors through a web-based platform. This helps students clarify their doubts and solve their problems immediately. All the degrees offered by Franklin University online are undergraduate degrees, excepting the MBA program. Students can also major in other fields like Marketing, Accounting and Web Development.

For those with an ambition to continue their education while taking care of their professional as well as their personal responsibilities, Franklin University provides every resource to make the study from home most convenient and worthwhile.


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