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Franklin Pierce University Review

Franklin Pierce University offers a higher education opportunity to students who are commited to academic success and personal achievement. Education is meted out through high-quality programs through highly qualified and experienced faculty. The school aims at creating graduates that go on to excel professionally in their respective fields while personally developing into individuals with a sense of community awareness. The university’s academic program is grounded in sciences and liberal arts; disciplines that have been seen to be vital to contemporary society.

Franklin Pierce University is proud of the distinction of being named after the 14th President of the United States, who reached the pinnacle of political leadership. It was founded in 1962, by Frank DiPietro who wanted to dedicate a college to the great leader, with a view to prepare more such future leaders. Many buildings on the campus are much older and some buildings are said to be parts of the Underground Railroad. It was awarded university status in 2007. The first ever class of the university was in 1963 and it had 97 students. Now, the beautifully scenic campus in Rindge, New Hampshire, educates thousands of students and there are campuses at other locations, such as Keene, Lebanon, Manchester, Portsmouth and Concord as well as an online campus. The institution expanded its global reach with the addition of graduate-level degrees and two doctoral programs when it was granted the college statutory authority to grant baccalaureate degrees in 1965.

Franklin Pierce offers students several high-quality educational programs and over the years has become well-known for its programs in communications. All the students not only get the best from their courses at college, but also have complete access to a radio station, TV station, a school-run newspaper and other publications that allows them to gain invaluable skills and expertise in the fields of marketing and broadcasting.

Franklin Pierce makes education a lot easier for adult learners who face unique challenges. The distance learning program provided by the university takes into consideration the professional work, family and other responsibilities people have, which make it difficult for them to continue with their education. It offers several online learning options to facilitate all types of students. Students can choose to take their courses completely online from the comfort of their homes, by accessing all the study material on the internet or they can also opt for making occasional visits to the campus. Pursuing their passion is easy for students and they can opt for Undergraduate Degrees, Associate of Arts Degrees, Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Bachelor of Science Degrees, Master’s Degrees as well as Graduate Certificates. The degree programs offered at the graduate as well as the undergraduate levels are Human Resource Management, Business Administration, IT Management and Leadership.

From business to healthcare to education, Franklin Pierce University makes it easier to pursue your passions and achieve your goals, both career wise and personal. The supportive faculty and interaction with other students proves to be of immense value and erases the difference between studying online and attending school on-campus.


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