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Florida Tech University Review

Florida Tech is an independent technological university that provides students quality education, develops an interest in learning, encourages intellectual curiosity, a sense of belonging and shared purpose in the students, faculty and staff. Students are instilled with further knowledge through basic and applied research and are given the confidence that will help them in their academic careers and their personal lives. The school boasts of a culturally diverse student body from around the world.

Florida Tech was founded in 1958 by Dr. Jerome P. Keuper to offer continuing education to engineers, scientists and technicians working for NASA. It was then called Brevard Engineering College. The university moved to the current location in 1961. The name was officially changed to Florida Institute of Technology as an acknowledgement of its growing recognition as a scientific and technological university. The main campus is in Melbourne, Florida with the school’s satellite campuses in Virginia, New Jersey, Alabama as well as some more in Florida. The college received accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in the year 1964. The university’s first online program was launched in 1972 in Maryland when the U.S. Navy requested for it. Now, there is a Virtual Graduate Center that extends master’s level degrees for students studying from home.

More than 37,000 students who having earned their degrees from Florida Tech confirm the commitment of the university to developing professionals and leaders in the fields of sciences, engineering, psychology, business and aviation. The school has been raked well on a consistent basis by U.S. News & World Report and its aerospace programs work together with NASA. This sort of exposure works wonders for a student. Graduates can very easily find employment in the ever growing technology sector in Florida, as there are thousands of high-tech corporations in the area.

The school’s Virtual Campus offers more than 25 graduate degree programs and certificate programs that can be taken up from any part in the world, using the internet. The highly sought graduate programs offered are; Professional Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, M.S. Human Resources Management, M.S. Logistics Management, M.S. Acquisition and Contract Management, M.S. Management, M.S. Material Acquisition Management, M.S. Project Management, M.S. Operations Research and M.S. Computer Information Systems. The graduate certificate programs include; Business Management, eBusiness, Contact Management, Information Systems Management, Human Resources Management, Program Management, Systems Management, Quality Management, Transportation Management, Material Acquisition Management and Logistics.

The online study offers a great deal of flexibility to the students, eliminating the need to attend a traditional classroom. It allows them the freedom to pursue their professions while furthering their education. The same top level faculty resources and technologies are offered through the classes taught in the Virtual Campus, as the ones offered on the campus. Students looking to balance their professional commitments with personal obligations would be greatly benefited by the well-rounded faculty and the professional administrative leadership, who help bring the university’s resources and expertise to a wide community of working professionals.


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