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Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences Review

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences provides students a perfect setting for growth in all spheres of their lives; intellectual, social and spiritual, while obtaining academic knowledge. The school strongly protects its Christian values and incorporates these values into all the educational programs to ensure students look at healthcare in the right perspective. Their outlook towards healthcare is geared towards understanding the scientific side along with the ethical side. The school’s goal is to provide an education that will create graduates who are professional, competent, caring and compassionate.

Originally founded in 1913, the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences was initially called the Florida Hospital School of Nursing. The school’s name changed to the current name after four major health programs were combined in 1992. The school is located in downtown Orlando, Florida on the campus of the Florida Hospital and works closely with the hospital to provide clinical experience to the students. The Florida Hospital is a 1,478 bed medical center and the largest of more than 350 health care facilities worldwide. The Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences is accredited and specializes in nursing and allied health education.

While students attending classes on-campus are given access to the Florida Hospital; those studying from home will be able to combine their studies with approved clinical programs locally. The school is known for the programs it provides; especially in the heart surgery and organ transplantation areas.

The school’s online degrees are flexible, affordable and very convenient for full-time working professionals. They do not require any campus visits or commuting. While not all programs at Florida Hospital College are offered online, there are many that are, giving students who would not otherwise be able to attend the school the chance to do so. The curriculum for online learning is designed to cater to the demanding work and home life schedule of the students. Through their state-of-the-art online learning system, the course material is delivered directly to the student online, though some programs may require content to be sent through email, also supplemented with on-line discussion groups between the students and professors. FHCHS implements documentation supplements, video presentations, CD-ROM presentations and manuals. Students can take classes when it’s most convenient to them, and work towards a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Radiologic Science or Medical Sonography.

In order to aid its students in integrating the coursework into their professional activities daily, FHCHS goes that extra mile and assigns an online mentor to students, who is always available to assist them with their coursework, provide continuous feedback throughout the course duration as well as guide them through their degree program. This provides the advantage of having a private tutor concentrating on them, which has been seen to be very encouraging to the distance education students.

Academic excellence on and off campus is the main contributing factor for the school gaining recognition. They also help students where they can, with offering several financial aid programs. There provide federal and state financial aid including scholarships.


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