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Fielding Graduate University Review

The mission of Fielding Graduate University is to meet the educational and professional needs of their students. To this end, they have developed a unique educational model that builds on the student’s existing level of learning and professional experience, featuring competency-based learning. All courses at the university are designed to provide a well-rounded education, incorporating theory, research and practical experience. The school supports their students throughout their course period and not only steers them towards academic excellence but also focuses on teaching them core values of life: dignity, integrity and respect.

Fielding Graduate University was founded by Frederic Hudson, Renata Tesch and Hallock Hoffman in March 1974, in Santa Barbara, California. All three founders are distinguished and well-known higher education administrators and educators. With the creation of this university, they fulfilled their vision of creating a graduate school that obtains national recognition and one that would serve mid-career professionals who wished to pursue an advanced degree but who could not attend traditional on-campus classes due to their personal and professional commitments. The founders decided that the school would focus on Psychology, Educational Leadership and Change and Organization Development. Several degree programs are provided with flexible scheduling to accommodate all the demands placed upon the students’ time as working professionals. Fielding Graduate University has received accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Their Clinical Psychology PhD program has received accreditation by the American Psychological Association.

Fielding Graduate University caters to the needs of adult students and has designed a specific learning model that is based on the principles of adult learning, taking into consideration the learning styles and requirements of mid-career professionals. Although, Fielding focuses on three core areas of graduation, there are several other options also available for students. Master’s and Doctorate level programs are available in many fields of study along with several specializations for students to take advantage of, based on their main interests and career goals. Majors offered by the university include Education, Psychology, Neuropsychology and Human Development.

Students of Fielding Graduate University taking the several online degree programs and other courses learn through independent study, through peer to peer interaction, faculty interaction, other learning media, which include face-to-face and online courses, electronic mail as well as seminars. The study material is available to students online at all times. Students have the advantage of creating their own roadmap to learning and the faculty act as mentors throughout this learning process. All education programs are demanding and rigorous and students are challenged in many ways as they prepare for a life of the scholar and a successful professional.

All students who graduate from Fielding Graduate University join an elite group or community of scholars spread throughout the country and throughout the world, and who are committed to transforming individuals, society and organizations. All this is possible due to the effort Fielding Graduate University puts into the creation of each of its programs, understanding the needs of the students.


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