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Everest University Online Review

Everest University aims to provide students a strong academic foundation in their field of choice as well as the hands-on experience they would need to implement their academic knowledge in the real world. This practical education makes the students career-ready by the time they complete graduation. Students are provided the flexibility of learning online and are also given the confidence that their instructor is just an email or phone call away. The online option helps people balance their lives; to sustain a full-time employment, take care of the family, fulfil other personal commitments, all while preparing for a new career. The school is also focused on bringing together students from all communities and backgrounds and to create a diverse learning community. Assistance for financial aid is provided to the students.

Everest University Online was initially known as FMU Online until late 2007. The name was changed to Everest University Online, as this name is more recognized and easy to remember. The school has 9 campuses located all over Florida and also several campuses in 22 other states. The school provides online education and classes start when the student is ready, anytime they desire, day or night. The Everest University Online campuses in Florida received accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award various diplomas and degrees, including Associate’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees.

With Everest University Online, all their online degree programs are designed towards providing the required skills and career training along with academics. Students looking for career training courses can take up either Medical Insurance Billing or Dental Assisting. Various degrees are offered in Accounting, Business, Computer Information Science, Criminal Investigations, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Paralegal. Majors are offered in Business Administration and Criminal Justice.

Students taking online programs participate in online classrooms and will be given access to the course material which is the same as offered on the campus. All resources are easily available at the fingertips. The faculty teaching online students are also highly qualified just as the on campus faculty, but with additional training in online teaching methods. In case of any technical difficulties, there is a technical support team available 24/7. Everything a student needs to learn in their chosen field is made available at their workstations; there is no need to ever set foot on campus. Students can study at their own convenience as long as they make sure deadlines set by the school faculty are met.

Everest University Online also offers several career services. After graduating, students can seek help with anything from creating a resume to negotiating the salary. The school takes it upon itself to make sure all students are well-equipped to begin their careers with the required knowledge and high confidence levels. They are instilled with the motivation required to achieve success in any field after they complete college and enter the competitive professional world. A good education combined with practical skills and confidence is what sets students of Everest University Online apart from all others.


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