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Everest College Online Review

Everest College Online respects the decision of a student to obtain academic and career-training in order to get on in life. The school believes in the importance of practicing what is being taught. This belief is reiterated by incorporating hands-on training into all their programs. Students learn better and quicker through practice rather than just sitting in a lecture room. The school also has a financial aid program to help students with their financial needs to complete their education. Students are provided support at every stage, right from the initial advice about choosing courses to the time they start looking for a job after graduation.

Everest College Online, previously known as the Bryman College is owned and operated by Corinthian Colleges, Inc., which owns the Everest Institute and Everest University. Everest College has several campuses throughout the United States and Canada. In the United States, the school’s learning centers are spread far and wide, in places like California, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, Missouri, Indiana, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Texas. In Canada, the campus is in Ontario. Students have the option of taking up evening classes, classes on weekends or online classes at their convenience.

Everest College Online offers several online courses and they are all offered though the campus in Phoenix, Arizona. Courses are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the students trying to continue with their education while handling a full-time job and taking care of their personal lives. The school’s online study gives these students freedom to study at their convenience from anywhere, without having to set foot in a campus. The school has several accreditations to its credit and they show the strength of the academic programs as well as being recognized as a qualified institution of higher learning.

In spite of the students studying online independently, the school ensures they are not alone during their course period. All help and support is provided by the school’s academic advisors and students can also get to interact with their professors, staff members as well as with other students online. This creates an almost class like atmosphere online.

Everest College Online offers career training programs in various fields such as business, accounting, healthcare, paralegal studies and criminal justice. The degrees offered are at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Degree programs are available in computer information science, business administration and accounting. Students doing online courses receive the same level of high-quality education as those that attend on-campus classes. Their faculty sets the school apart, because they have advanced degrees and are experts in their fields. They provide the insight and skills that students need in real world environments.

Everest College Online provides all their online students with the strong foundation in education and assistance in finding a suitable career for themselves after graduation. For people looking to improve their career skills in a particular field or pursue a new career, Everest College Online can provide the necessary training to achieve their personal career goals.


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