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Eastern Kentucky University Review

Eastern Kentucky University is a coeducational public institution of higher education that offers pre-professional and professional training in education and other fields. Programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school has dedicated itself to providing its students rigorous academics, community and a bright and promising future. The school ensures each student is taken care of and the faculty-to-student ratio is very low, with students receiving the personal attention they would need in order to succeed. There are also plenty of academic options for students to choose from, ensuring all students find what they are seeking, in terms of regular college, weekend courses and online studies.

The Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) was founded in 1874 in Richmond, Kentucky, and was initially called the Central University. The school, at first, trained teachers. The first degrees were awarded in 1925. Accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools was given in 1928. A graduate program was approved at Eastern in 1935, which led to Master of Arts degree in Education. Later it was also given permission to award nonprofessional degrees. The current name, Eastern Kentucky University was given in 1966 and the school was sanctioned the awarding of graduate degrees in academic fields other than education. During all these years the school expanded in size and stature and has four campuses in Danville, Manchester, Lancaster, Danville, Corbin as well as online.

There were many famous alumni that have graduated out of Eastern Kentucky University. Some of them include an Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice, a weather anchor for Good Morning America and a Prime Minister of Thailand. The school has made a name for itself for providing personal attention to students, with its faculty-to-student ratio at only 17:1. More than 168 degree programs are offered by the school and most of them are also available online for students studying from home.

The formats offered for distance learning are many. There are degree programs online, single courses, telecourses, interactive TV and correspondence courses. This virtual study option gives professionals a chance to continue their education and obtain degrees or other professional certifications by studying at their convenience from their homes. Degrees are offered at the undergraduate level as well as the graduate level in fields such as systems technology, accounting and nursing.

Students are provided excellent opportunities of interaction with their professors and other students online, ensuring they get to clarify all their doubts and studying at home does not in any way differ from being on campus. All the course material and other reference resources are given access to online students at all times of the day or night.

Eastern Kentucky University is dedicated to providing quality instruction at a variety of degree levels not only at the campuses but also through online study. This makes it one of the best online universities for students from all backgrounds and from all over the world, to obtain the degrees they have always wanted to and further their careers.


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