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Drexel University Online Review

Drexel University offers educational opportunities to students through their study and internship programs in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the co-op education program. Students from all backgrounds are welcomed and given a solid foundation in education that opens the doors to unlimited employment opportunities after graduation. The school has a mission to provide comprehensive academic offerings enhanced by technology and global outreach, through embracing research and community initiatives.

Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry was established in 1891, by Anthony J. Drexel, a Philadelphia financier and philanthropist who envisioned an institution of higher learning that suited the needs of a growing industrial society. Initially, it was a non-degree granting institution and began conferring Bachelor of Science degrees in 1914. It was in 1927, that the Drexel University was granted the privilege to confer Master of Science degrees and in 1965, the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. After undergoing two name changes over the years, the school was named Drexel Institute of Technology in 1936 and Drexel University in 1970. All the university’s academic programs have the highest level of accreditation that is appropriate to their respective disciplines. More than 19,500 students are enrolled in Drexel University’s various programs at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral and professional degrees (including M.D. and J.D.). The main campus is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and other smaller campuses in downtown Philadelphia, East Falls as well as plans for a new campus in Roseville, California. The school also has an online branch that was started in 1996.

Drexel University offers degree programs that are designed to prepare students for critical issues in science, technology, information science, the humanities, health sciences and business, in order to help in the creation of the next generation professoriate and workforce. These programs help students obtain the basic skills needed to be effective leaders, practitioners and communicators. One of the widely praised programs is engineering, where students undergo intensive training for the first two years, with the option to participate in professional co-op programs later if they wish to. Drexel’s co-op and internship program is one of the largest and oldest in the United States.

Drexel University Online provides students pursuing their studies from home, the option to work for their degrees at their convenient time. Through the various online courses offered, students are provided a chance to interact closely with their professors as well as with other students. This online interaction is achieved through communication in the chat rooms and discussion boards. For students that are in need of financial aid, Drexel is totally committed and has services in place to help such students, ensuring no student is denied education due to lack of finances.

Drexel University offers online courses in Business, Communication, Engineering and Computer Science, Information Systems, Nursing and Health, Clinical Research, Public Health, Education, General Studies, Technology, Toxicology & Industrial Hygiene, Psychology, Sport Management and Arts Administration. With so many programs available under the different degree programs, online students are in fact spoilt for choice.


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