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City University Review

City University has come to be known as an educational institution providing valuable services that are both affordable and convenient, for students who have the desire to lean at any stage of their lives. Students in the Seattle area as well as from around the world are given the opportunity to advance their current careers, start a new career or even to fulfil their love for learning. City University works towards the noble cause of changing people’s lives through education. Students are provided a traditional and alternative learning environment that allows them to gain real-world skills along with theoretical knowledge, making them more valuable at the modern workplace.

City University was founded in 1973 in Seattle, WA, and was christened City College. This name was changed to City University in 1982 and is now considered to be one of the largest and best private universities in the American Northwest. The school boasts of more than 20 campuses and partner schools throughout the globe; Washington state and Hawaii in the U.S., Bulgaria, British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Mexico and China. The main campus is in downtown Seattle in a tech and business hub, making it the first choice for people interested in getting into those industries. That is not all; it also has a huge online presence with thousands of students being part of its online community.

The campuses in different parts of the world are a great option for international students, as they can study from their hometown without having to leave their country of residence. However, for those students that cannot get out of their homes, the online classes are the perfect solution. Online students can complete their chosen degrees from the comfort of their homes, wherever they live.
Degrees at the undergraduate level, graduate level and certificates are offered in several industries and at many different levels. All fields of study at CityU are divided into three schools: The School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Management, the Gordon Albright School of Education. The undergraduate and graduate level programs include Accounting, Financial Management, Leadership, Project Management, Organizational Leadership, Applied Psychology, Communications and several more. There are teacher certifications available as well as English as a Second Language courses. Online programs include Accounting, Middle Level Humanities, Reading and Literacy in education, General Studies, Marketing and others.

The formats for all online courses are designed to provide utmost convenience, allowing students to work at their own pace but with the ability to interact with other students and professors in an online classroom. Online faculty, in addition to their high qualifications, are also specifically trained to take online classes. Several degree programs are offered, ranging from professional certifications to doctoral degrees. Students can major in any of the numerous fields available, right from Design to Religious Studies. A huge variety of course material is also available online at all times. City University (CityU) is committed to teaching a diverse student body how to work and interact with different cultures and communities in the global marketplace and have made a name for themselves in the education market.


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