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Centenary College Program Review

Centenary College has earned the distinction of being the regional centre for culture and scholarship. Imparting education through innovative means that combine academic programs with career-driven training is the hallmark of this school. All the programs are designed to make the academic experience of students as seamless and beneficial as possible. Community service is stressed upon as an aid to develop leadership qualities. The school reflects globalization, with students from all geographic locations and the faculty bonding together as a strong community of individuals with an aim to excel.

Centenary College was founded in 1867 by the United Methodist Church in Hackettstown, NJ. The school was initially a co-educational preparatory school. It has grown exponentially since its inception 150 years ago. It was changed to a women’s junior college in 1914, a four-year women’s college in 1976 and again a co-ed four-year college in 1988. Accreditation to give Master’s level degrees came in 1995. The school has its main campus is in Hackettstown, New Jersey and two Adult Education centres in Metropark and Parsippany, New Jersey. There is also an online division where working adults are offered accelerated degree programs to be completed at their convenience.

Academic programs of the school include business, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, education, fine arts and English. Majors and degree programs include Accounting, Graphic design, Fashion Design, Liberal Arts, Equine Science, Mathematics, Social Work, Biology, Educational Leadership, Special Education, English Literature, Counseling, History and Art and Design. Being a Methodist school, Centenary College also makes it compulsory for students to take part in community service apart from their academic performance, as part of their graduation program. Students will interact with the Hackettstown community and nearby areas with the goal of fostering a greater community feeling. The school also offers study abroad programs where students will be able to visit places like Japan, China, the UK and Spain.

Centenary College has a wonderful globalized perceptive and has entered into several partnerships with colleges in Canada; China Adult Education Programs; a British-Sino Adult Education Program sponsoring MBA programs through the British-Sino Century Institute; and an international studies program that welcomes students to Centenary College from different countries.

People, who are already into careers but wish to pursue their studies, can take courses provided by the Centenary Online and balance their education and career goals. Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered and students can choose from a wide variety of majors. These courses offer a lot of flexibility, and students are allowed to interact with other students and faculty. The Blackboard platform is used in the administration of coursework and tech support is readily available to assist the students whenever they need help.

Centenary College’s online classes are the most convenient way of pursuing an education while continuing with the jobs. This is a wonderful opportunity for adults who otherwise would not be able to attend school and improve their lives by bettering themselves through developing their knowledge and skills required in today’s competitive world.


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