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Cambridge College Review

Cambridge College is committed to providing equal education opportunities to all students, irrespective of their ethnic, educational and financial backgrounds. Focus is on adults who wish to advance their careers through further education but are not able to attend school due to personal commitments. Programs as so designed as to recreate a school environment at home that fulfils all the learning needs of a hugely diverse student body. Since professionals bring with them a whole lot of personal and professional experience, the accelerated teaching methods are directed at meeting their educational needs while nourishing their existing skills.

The school was founded in 1971 by John Bremer and was initially named Institute of Open Education at Newton College of the Sacred Heart. Over the years, the school attracted a much larger student population and the name was changed to Cambridge College. While the main campus is in Cambridge, MA, there are other centres in Springfield and Lawrence, MA, CA, Ontario, South Boston, VA, Chesapeake, GA, Augusta, San Juan and Puerto Rico. The school specializes in distance and adult education programs and students have the option of taking their courses online or at these campuses. It also achieved the accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. as well as being authorized by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. Students are given the excellent opportunity of taking medical classes at the various partner healthcare facilities and hospitals in the state.

Cambridge College’s programs include undergraduate programs at the Bachelor’s and certificate levels; in Medical Coding, Psychology, Juvenile Justice and Human Services amongst others. There are several other programs students can take advantage of at the School of Psychology and Counseling, School of Education and School of Management.

The school’s distance education programs provided online are one of the best and both undergraduate and graduate levels are offered. They are available in everything from Health Sciences to Management. Working people can choose programs that fulfil their specific needs, even those that can spare time only during the nights or weekends. The beauty of a virtual classroom replicates the excitement of a brick-and-mortar classroom, with discussions and interactive sessions with the classmates as well as the faculty. Classes are also taken asynchronously within a given time frame but at a time that fits into the student’s schedule of work and study. This gives students the confidence needed to complete their education, achieve success at their workplace and increase their earning potential. All courses combine the two elements that are absolutely essential for a student to prepare for the competitive marketplace in the most befitting way: hands-on experience and theory. Adults looking for some extra qualifications in the form of non-degree courses are also taken into consideration and there are numerous courses they can join in.

Cambridge University provides almost everything that professionals need to make a new beginning in their careers; with new skills and knowledge that will enable them to find better opportunities in a world filled with cut-throat youngsters.


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